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Introduction to PCWORX

Discover PCWORX - your ultimate destination for top-quality gadgets at competitive prices. Catering to the modern consumer's needs, PCWORX offers an extensive range of electronics and accessories that blend quality with affordability.

PCWORX Gift Cards: The Perfect Choice

Looking for a flexible and thoughtful gift? PCWORX Gift Cards are the answer! These cards provide access to a vast selection of gadgets and electronics, making them ideal for tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers.

How to Buy PCWORX Gift Cards with Bitcoin on Coinsbee.com

Purchasing PCWORX Gift Cards with Bitcoin is easy and secure on Coinsbee.com. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Gift Card: Choose your desired PCWORX Gift Card denomination.
  2. Add to Cart: Place the Gift Card in your shopping cart.
  3. Checkout with Bitcoin: Select Bitcoin as your payment method.
  4. Complete the Transaction: Follow the instructions to complete your Bitcoin transaction.
  5. Receive Your Gift Card: Your PCWORX Gift Card will be delivered digitally, ready for use or gifting.

Redeeming Your PCWORX eGift Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

To redeem your PCWORX eGift Card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Location: Visit any of the 11 participating PCWORX locations, listed here https://xoxoday.giftaway.ph/card/pcworx?catalog#locations
  2. Present the Code at the Store: Upon making your selection, provide the eGift code to the store manager for validation.
  3. Understand the eGift Limitations: The eGift Card is not applicable for certain promotional items or services and cannot be converted into cash.
  4. One-Time Use Policy: Remember, the eGift is valid for a single transaction. Any unused portion of the eGift's value will not be returned as cash.
  5. Cover Any Excess Amount: If your purchase exceeds the value of the eGift, you will need to pay the difference.
  6. Enjoy the Flexibility: You can use multiple eGift codes in one transaction.
  7. Wide Applicability: The eGift is valid for purchases at both PCWORX and Gigabyte stores.

Expiration and Validation of Your PCWORX eGift

When you present your PCWORX eGift Card to the store manager, they will initiate a validation process. This process confirms the amount available on the eGift and its expiration date. Stay informed about your eGift's validity to make the most of its value and avoid any inconvenience during redemption.

Can you buy a PCWORX Gift Card for a friend? 

Absolutely! PCWORX Gift Cards purchased on Coinsbee.com can be gifted easily. Simply forward the digital gift card code to your friend, and they can redeem it for any product at PCWORX.

Each eGift has a unique code that corresponds to an amount or item. To use the eGift at the store, the code must be given by the recipient to the store staff for validation.The recipient must wait for the store staff to finish the validation process. The store staff will receive a validation response indicating the eGift amount and validity. The store staff will follow only what is indicated in the validation response.The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the eGift code. The recipient must only give this to the store staff once he/she commits to use it at the store.In the event that the store’s eGift validation system is offline or unavailable, the store staff shall politely decline to accept the eGift. The recipient may still use the eGift when the system is back online.The eGift may not be valid for use on certain promotional items/services and it cannot be exchanged for cash.The eGift is for one-time use only. If the total value of eGift is not used up, there will be no cash change given. If the purchase goes beyond the eGift amount, the recipient is to pay for the difference.Multiple eGift codes may be used per transaction. The eGift is valid for use at PCWORX and Gigabyte.