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Kupte si Payz by Rewarble dárkovou kartu za Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero nebo jednu z více než 200 dalších nabízených kryptoměn. Po zaplacení okamžitě obdržíte kód voucheru e-mailem.

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Unlock the full potential of your Payz account with Rewarble's Top-Up Card. Boost your balance effortlessly and enjoy a seamless online transaction experience. Visit today to redeem your Payz Gift Card.

Elevate your Payz account to new heights with the Rewarble Top-Up Card. This card offers a convenient and reliable solution to boost your Payz balance effortlessly. Whether you're shopping online, sending funds to loved ones, or managing your finances, our card provides a seamless experience. Simplify the process of adding credit to your Payz account and enjoy the convenience of seamless online transactions.


Effortless Online Payments with Rewarble's Payz Gift Card

Experience hassle-free online payments with the Rewarble Payz Gift Card. With Payz's wide acceptance, our card enables secure and effortless transactions for various purposes. Whether you're gifting, paying bills, or making online purchases, our card streamlines the entire process. Enjoy the convenience of a secure payment method for all your Payz transactions.

How to top up Your Payz Wallet with Rewarble

Recharge your Payz wallet effortlessly with the Rewarble Top-Up Card. Simply visit our website at, log in to your account, and enter your unique 16-digit card number along with your Payz account details. Within moments, your Payz balance will receive a boost, empowering you for seamless online transactions and efficient financial management. Our service is designed to optimize your time and money, providing a trusted and efficient way to enhance your Payz experience.

How long is a Rewarble gift card valid?

The Rewarble Gift Card is valid for one year from the date of purchase. After redeeming a part of your gift card amount, you can use the remaining balance for future redemptions until the expiration date.