E-Commerce gift cards

With our e-commerce gift cards, you can buy and pay for many everyday products with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptos. For example, the monthly subscription costs for music and video streaming or the need for household items, technology and books can be paid with it. For example, you can buy Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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Payment cards

With different payment cards can be bought in all online shops. We offer a wide range of vouchers for prepaid credit cards and other payment options for online shops and online casinos. For e.g., you can easily buy a Visa gift card with bitcoin or other cryptos and then play at online casinos or shop at various online stores worldwide. You can also buy Crypto Vouchers at Coinsbee.

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Games gift cards

We offer various vouchers for topping up game credits, in-game credits, buying games, monthly fees, as well as activating certain skills. Besides the classics like Steam, Playstation, you can also buy Valorant Points with bitcoin, for example.

Buy iTunes gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Steam gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy PlayStation gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Battle.net gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Nintendo gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Google Play gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Xbox Live gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Razer gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy League of Legends gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Eneba gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Roblox gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos
Buy Valorant gift cards with bitcoins or cryptos

Mobile phone Top Up

Over 440 providers in over 166 countries are available! Worldwide topping up of prepaid mobile phones with Bitcoins and Cryptos has never been easier and faster!

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Supported Cryptocurrencies

We support the payment with Bitcoins and many other cryptos like ETH, LTC, BTG, DASH, TRX, DOGE. We also offer payment via Lightning for Bitcoins and Litecoins!

Paying with Bitcoins has never been so easy. You can buy a gift card with Bitcoin from coinsbee.com for many different stores and then pay with the gift card in the respective store. For example, you buy an Amazon gift card with Bitcoin and then simply pay at Amazon with this gift card. Of course you can also buy gift cards with Ethereum, Litecoin and many other Cryptos.

Most stores do not accept payment with Bitcoins. But luckily you can buy gift cards with crypto from many different brands like Amazon, Ebay, Netflix, iTunes and thousands of other stores.

The easiest way to give someone Bitcoin or other crypto is to give them a Crypto Voucher. The recipient can redeem the voucher and then simply choose the cryptocurrency he or she wants. You can easily buy crypto vouchers from different providers on Coinsbee.com.

Unfortunately, you can't pay with Bitcoin directly at the hotel. But Coinsbee has the solution! Buy a gift card from Hotels.com, Airbnb, lastminute.com or many other hotel sites with Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos and redeem it easily on the respective sites. And you've paid for your hotel stay with Crypto!

You can buy almost any game with Crypto. Besides gift cards from Steam, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, you can also buy game credits from PUBG, Fortnite, Roblox and other games.

You can buy prepaid credit cards like Mastercard, Visa or American Express with Bitcoin from Coinsbee.com.

Get your pizza, burger or other food with Crypto from Uber Eats, DoorDash, Deliveroo and other delivery services delivered or simply shop in your Walmart, Rewe or Carrefour supermarket with Crypto. Coinsbee.com offers many different gift cards from delivery services and supermarkets that you can buy with Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Buy your next laptop or iPhone easily with Bitcoin by purchasing a gift card from Media Markt, Coolblue, Currys PC World or other electronic stores.

You can now pay for your next flight with Bitcoin by purchasing a gift card from Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Flight Centre or AirlineGift and other airlines and holiday websites.