Buy Crypto Voucher gift cards with bitcoins or altcoins

Buy Crypto Voucher gift card with bitcoins or 100 altcoins

Buy now a Crypto Voucher gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 100 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email.
With a voucher code from it is very easy to get crypto currencies quickly. Redeeming the voucher is very easy and user-friendly. Vouchers from are available in different values.

How do I redeem the crypto voucher?

We will send you the serial code for activating the credit card from directly via email. You can activate it directly here.

What kind of crypto currencies can I buy with my Cryptovoucher voucher?

Crypto Voucher offers a wide range of crypto currencies. You can instantly redeem your voucher code for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, 0x or Dash.

Problems while redeeming the voucher.

If you have problems redeeming the voucher, please try another Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you can also contact us or contact the CryptoVoucher support directly.

What are the fees of CryptoVoucher?

All prices for the respective crypto currencies displayed on Crypto Voucher are real-time prices that are constantly updated. The price is always determined in real time of the transaction and is influenced by two factors. A service fee of 4% and additional fees such as the "network fee" of the respective crypto currency.

How long does it take for the purchased crypto currencies to arrive on the personal account?

CryptoVoucher indicates that 99.5% of transactions are successfully completed within 10 minutes.
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