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Buy Deezer gift card with bitcoins or other cryptos

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Deezer is a streaming provider for music on the Internet. One of the most dangerous competitors for the market leader Spotify, because Deezer sets standards in security, service and ease of use with its premium offer. The software of the streaming platform is available for the PC or as an app. So you always have your favorite music, your web radio and your favorite podcasts with you.
The advantages of a Premium Membership are obvious: Unlimited music fun without annoying commercial breaks. In addition, the Premium subscription improves the sound quality, you can listen to your music offline, and there are a few more settings and features you can discover with Deezer Premium.
But who wins the comparison between Spotify and Deezer? We would say Deezer Premium, because only here you have the possibility to upload your own music collection to your account and then listen to this music on other devices (for example on the go on your smartphone).

How do I redeem the Deezer Premium Gift Card?

  • To use Deezer, you need a user account (even in the free version with advertising)
  • There you can upgrade your membership to get the ad-free premium version.
  • Simply enter the Deezer Premium voucher code you received from us during the payment process.
  • now your music flatrate is running!

How long is the Deezer Premium Gift Card valid for?

The question of the validity of a Deezer Premium Gift Card overlaps with the question of the period of use. Because once you have purchased the code via, you can redeem it in your account. From then on the subscription counts and there are different periods of time to choose from. But we will explain this in more detail in the next section.

For what can I use a Deezer Premium Gift Card?

The coupon codes that you can purchase on for this streaming provider can be used for the premium memberships on the streaming platform. That's why they are also a great gift. Behind the values 10, 30 and 60 Euros, the months of use are hidden, because Deezer Premium is available as a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription, which works as a prepaid and therefore does not renew itself after expiration. We think that is very fair.

Is a Deezer Premium Gift Card available as a gift?

For music lovers of all ages, the provider is definitely worthwhile. You are already a member and convinced? Then the one-month gift subscription for your friends might be a good choice to convince them of the sound quality and the many extras of the premium version as well. Give it a try. And if you know a fanatical music lover who already uses the Deezer Premium subscription, then he or she will be just as happy about an extension of his or her subscription.

What data is collected for the use of a Deezer Premium Gift Card?

To purchase a voucher card for Deezer Premium, we only need your e-mail address to send you the code immediately after the purchase. Deezer itself also collects data from you to create the user account (e-mail address, gender and age). However, you also have the possibility to log in to Deezer with your Facebook or Google Account. In this case, Deezer will also have access to the aforementioned data. Only the payment method, i.e. the crypto currency, which you have used on our site, will not be disclosed to Deezer.