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Buy Facebook gift card with bitcoins or other cryptos

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You probably don't have to say much about the social network Facebook, because everyone knows this really big social network. Even people who have never been logged on to the platform. Of course, social contacts with friends and acquaintances are the main focus of Facebook. But in addition to sharing photos and commenting on other people's pictures, this social network offers a whole host of other social interaction features. A good example are the mini-games that Facebook used several years ago. The game Candy Crush has become particularly well known here. Facebook Gift Cards can be used for this type of games, for example.

How do I redeem the Facebook gift card?

  • Go to the website first
  • If it should not happen automatically, log in now with your Facebook access data.
  • Click now on the "Redeem Code" button.
  • Enter the "Facebook Gift Card" code you received from us and confirm it by clicking on "Redeem".
  • The value of the Facebook Gift Card you selected will now be credited to your account

How long is the Facebook Gift Card valid?

Facebook Gift Cards do not have an expiry date. However, you should note that they have a geographical limitation. Even if you bought the gift card with an international crypto currency at, it can only be used in Europe and only in the currency Euro (€).

For what can I use a Facebook Gift Card for?

As already indicated, a Facebook Gift Card can be used primarily for in-game purchases on this social network. This applies not only to the popular Candy Crush (where items and benefits can be purchased for subsequent levels) but also to all other games on Facebook.

Does a Facebook Gift Card offer itself as a gift?

If you don't want to use the Facebook Gift Card yourself to become active in the world's most popular social network, you can also give it away. According to the network's operating company, the platform has 2.5 billion active users every month. The probability that the person you are giving the gift card to is one of them is therefore correspondingly high.

Which data is collected for the use of the Facebook Gift Card?

The largest social network in the world itself is often criticized for its data collection mania. This is not entirely unjustified. Whoever uses this platform, their data is also stored by Facebook. Independent of this, however, is the use of our Facebook Gift Card, because it consists of a code that we send to you by email after payment with a crypto currency of your choice. This means on the one hand, only needs your e-mail address and on the other hand, Facebook will not know about your payment method. So you'll remain as secure as possible and with maximum speed, around the clock.