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Buy Petsmart gift card with bitcoins or other cryptos

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Your kids just brought home the world’s cutest puppy, and all you can think about are the supplies. Your cat seemingly wakes up one day and decides she no longer likes the cat food you’ve given her for the last three years. You’ve been wanting to get a snake or lizard for the last few years and think you’re finally ready. We’ve all been there, and so have the pet experts at PetSmart. Whether you’re looking to get your dog a new crate, bed, harness, leash or collar, in the market to get your cat a new litterbox, scratching post or toys, or want something for a more exotic pet, PetSmart has all your pet needs covered from day one of your pet’s life. Need a groomer or a vet? Some PetSmart locations have got you covered with that as well, meaning you can keep Rover or Rosie looking as cute and healthy as possible. Because they’re nationwide, your pets needs are covered no matter where you live. Treat your pet to some pampering and toys with this gift card today!

How to Redeem Your PetSmart eGift Card:  

1. Click on the Redemption URL provided in the email.  
2. Print the resulting page.  
3. Bring the printed page to your local PetSmart or order online.

Any unused portion of your gift card will be placed in your account balance and automatically applied to your next online purchase. You can view your account balance at any time by logging in to your account. It can also be used in-store at any time.
Please note you cannot receive cash back from your gift card unless required by law. Being gift cards are the same as cash, they can be combined with promotional discounts. You cannot transfer your balance to another account; however, you can send your gift card to an individual before it is redeemed.

How Long are PetSmart Gift Cards Valid?

PetSmart gift cards never expire. 


This gift card is redeemable for PetSmart goods and services at PetSmart locations in the United States and at Card may not be redeemed for certain goods and services; see store for details. Gift card is non-refundable, does not expire and has no fees. It is not redeemable for cash except where required by law. Visit a PetSmart location to add value to your gift card. PetSmart and its affiliates are not responsible for, and will not replace, lost, stolen or damaged cards. PetSmart may issue new cards for the unredeemed balance of a lost, stolen or damaged card upon receipt of adequate proof of purchase and card number. For balance inquiries, see any PetSmart sales associate or call 1-800-820-6189. For the PetSmart location nearest you, please visit or call 1-877-473-8762. For questions, call 1-800-820-6189. This gift card is issued by PetsCard LLC. • A Gift Card cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card. • If the amount of your Gift Card does NOT cover the total purchase amount, you will need to pay for the remainder of the purchase with a valid form of payment. • If the amount of your Gift Card is MORE than the total order amount, the balance amount will be stored on your Gift Card account for future use. • Gift Cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law. • We cannot replace lost or stolen Gift Cards. • When making a purchase online at, you may redeem up to 3 Gift Cards per order. • No sales tax is charged when buying Gift Cards. However, products with a Gift Card will be charged applicable sales tax if shipped to the states indicated here. • If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Care Department. PLEASE NOTE: All plastic gift card sales are final and cannot be blocked, replaced, devalued, or refunded. Please treat these cards as cash.