Buy WebMoney gift cards with bitcoins or altcoins

Buy WebMoney gift card with bitcoins or 50 altcoins

Buy now a WebMoney gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 50 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email.
Webmoney is a Russian online payment provider. The company was founded in 1998 and is a competitor to such providers as Paypal or Paysafecard. With Webmoney, there is no need to provide personal account information when making a purchase from an online store. Webmoney is suitable for worldwide money transfer. The service is mainly used by Russian users. However, in recent years, there have also been more and more Western European and American users. If you want to order goods in Russia, Webmoney is indispensable. By buying a Webmoney voucher at, you can easily and safely shop on the Internet with your Bitcoins or other crypto currencies.

How do I redeem a Webmoney balance card?

  • visit
  • Enter your 16-digit code. The code will be sent to you immediately after you have purchased Coinsbee.
  • Specify the Webmoney account you want to top up
  • The charge is then carried out within a few seconds

Do I need a wallet on Webmoney to redeem the Webmoney credit card?

If you want to use the voucher yourself to top up your Webmoney account, you will need your own Webmoney account. You can set up the account free of charge and quickly at

Where can I see the balance of my Webmoney wallet?

You will see the status of your credit balance after logging in on the following page

When does the Webmoney voucher expire?

The redemption code to top up your Webmoney balance is valid for one year. If you give the code to someone else, please inform the recipient of its validity.
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