Buy Xbox Live gift cards with bitcoins or altcoins

Buy Xbox Live gift card with bitcoins or 100 altcoins

Buy now a Xbox Live gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 100 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email.

Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming service and a digital media delivery service provided by Microsoft. Xbox Live was introduced on November 15, 2002, on the original Xbox consoles.

After immense praise, Microsoft decided to update the Xbox Live platform for use with its new generation of console, Xbox 360 in 2005. Upon the launch of Xbox 360, all systems were able to access this service with added enhancements and new features.

Then, the 2013 Xbox One received an even further enhanced version of the Xbox Live service. Since then, Microsoft is building and upgrading Xbox Live’s same architecture to support the newest generation consoles of 2020 Xbox Series S & X.

What’s The Difference Between Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold?

In the days of Xbox 360, Microsoft offered two types of subscriptions: Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold. But today, Xbox Live Silver is known as Xbox Live Free. Xbox Live Silver or Xbox Live Free is free for Xbox users, and it includes access to downloadable content, achievement sharing, and chatting with friends. In contrast, Xbox Live Gold offers access to exclusive demos, member-only sales, add-ons, party chats, free games, and more.

What’s Gamertag and Gamerscore?

Gamertag is your unique identity on the Xbox Live service. It represents you as a unique individual amongst millions of other Xbox Live users. An Xbox Live Gamertag can be up to twelve characters long, including numbers, spaces, and letters.

Gamerscore is an achievement counter that reflects the number of accomplishments gained by a user on the Xbox Live platform. Every game comes with a certain amount of points a user can achieve by completing its challenges, tasks, and other inputs. Gamerscore is available on every Gamercard (an information panel that includes Gamertag, recent games played, reputation, avatar, etc.).

Games with Gold

Games with Gold or GWD is a part of the Xbox Live Gold subscription. It’s a program that allows a subscriber to download two to three digital games per month at no additional cost.

GWG became part of Xbox Live Gold in July 2013. Subscribers can download and own the game for free with this subscription level. However, to run the game, the Xbox Live Gold membership must be active and running on the system.

What’s an Xbox Live Gift Card?

An Xbox Live gift card is a prepaid gift card for all your Microsoft store-related needs. Whether you want to purchase Xbox Live Gold, re-subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, download paid apps from the Microsoft store, this gift card has got you covered.

With the Xbox Live gift card, you just need to top it up in your Microsoft account, and you are free to purchase absolutely anything related to Microsoft. Although Xbox Live Gift Card isn’t a cash/card alternative in a physical Microsoft store, it’s all you need to purchase anything online from Microsoft.

How Will I Receive My Xbox Live Gift Card Code?

As soon as you complete your transaction with Bitcoin or about 50 other cryptocurrencies, we’ll send you an email with the Xbox Live Gift Card code.

How Can I Check My Xbox Live Gift Card Balance?

Simply log into your Microsoft account on your system or console. Look for “Payment and Billing/Payment Options” in the system’s account menu to check your Xbox Live Gift Card balance.

True Gaming with Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate

What’s better than an all-in-one subscription for your console, gaming PC, and Android phones? With Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate, you get to enjoy over 100 top games for consoles, PC, and Android devices.

But wait, that’s not all! Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate also gives you all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and an EA Play membership, too.

Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate is a true value for money service by Microsoft that has something for everyone. With free perks, discounts, consumables, and more, Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate has it all for gamers.

Buy Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate X Months Today!

All excited for a new saga? Don’t waste any time - buy your Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate X Months gift card today. Simply select the subscription length and the number of cards you want to buy.

After that, continue and create your account or continue as a guest. Add the required details like email, name, and address. Then, choose your preferred payment method from our gigantic list of supported methods.

Lastly, enter your payment details, verify your items, and continue. Our system will check and verify your payment within seconds and send you the Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate gift card code to your email.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Xbox Live Game Pass Ultimate X Months gift card from us today and start the fun!

What’s The Difference Between Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate?

Game Pass is the subscription to Xbox’s huge game catalog. But it’s only limited to one device, and there are no benefits of Xbox Live Gold included. With Game Pass, you just get to enjoy the Xbox game catalog on either your console or PC.

On the other hand, Game Pass Ultimate is an all-in-one subscription that gives you access to the Xbox game catalog, Xbox Live Gold benefits, an EA membership subscription, and the freedom to play on PC, console, and android devices.

About Xbox Live X Months Gift Card

Xbox Live X Months gift card you purchase from us can be used to buy stuff on the Xbox and Microsoft online stores. From shopping your favorite game title to purchasing a new custom controller, Xbox Live gift card credit can be used to purchase anything from Microsoft’s online stores.

Before buying an Xbox Live gift card, make sure that its currency matches with your account’s region so that you can easily use those funds. And lastly, note that the credit available in your Microsoft account can’t be used to purchase anything from the physical Microsoft stores.

How Can I Redeem Xbox Live Gift Card Code On Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X?

  • Firstly, turn on your console and sign into your account
  • After that, press the “Xbox” button on your controller
  • Locate the “Store” icon. It would be located on the bottom side of the menu
  • Click-select the “Redeem” option located on the left-hand menu panel
  • Now enter the Xbox Live gift card code you have received from us in the input field
  • Lastly, click the “Check Code” to confirm

How Can I Redeem Xbox Live Gift Card Code On A Windows 10 PC?

  • Turn on your PC and sign into your account.
  • Search for “Store” by clicking on the “Start” button.
  • Then, click-select the “Microsoft Store” tile.
  • Once you have opened the Microsoft Store, locate the “more” option, and open it.
  • Then, click on the “Redeem a code” option.
  • Finally, enter the code you have received from us and confirm.

How Can I Redeem Xbox Live Gift Card On A Mobile Phone?

  • Open the Xbox mobile app on your mobile phone.
  • Then, select the menu button and open the Microsoft Store.
  • After that, choose the option that says, “Redeem a code.”
  • Then, enter the Xbox Live gift card code you have received from us.
  • Lastly, confirm and follow the prompts.
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