About us

August 2020

Coinsbee integrates worldwide mobile phone top-ups

August 2020
Coinsbee offers the worldwide top-up of prepaid mobile phones. More than 500 providers in over 148 countries have been integrated.
July 2020

New shop design

To further improve the handling of the shop, the complete shop design was revised.
June 2020

More than 20.000 products

June 2020
Coinsbee sells the 20,000 product.
May 2020

Revision of Coinsbee

A major update of Coinsbee.com appears with customer account and implementation of the KYC regulations.
February 2020

Coinsbee becomes multilingual

February 2020
In addition to the German and English version, the languages Russian, Spanish, French and Chinese follow.
January 2020

Shopping cart function is introduced

By popular request, several products can now be purchased simultaneously by introducing a shopping cart function.
September 2020

Coinsbee goes live

September 2020
After months of work, testing and web design, Coinsbee.com will launch its service in September 2019.
January 2019

Company foundation

The TSMH GmbH is founded in Germany - Stuttgart.