About us

Our mission
We as Coinsbee believe in the worldwide spread of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the help of cryptocurrencies, payments can be made very quickly, securely and traceably. We as Coinsbee make paying for everything possible for daily life and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Our history

In January 2019, Coinsbee GmbH was founded in Stuttgart, Germany. The website coinsbee.com went live in September 2019 after development, testing and beta phase. In addition to the German and English versions, Russian, Spanish, French and Chinese languages followed in 2020 to cater to our global clientele. In the same year as 2021, we multiplied our offering by incorporating new products and direct collaborations. In 2021, we established strong partnerships with the crypto exchanges Binance and Remitano.

Our company

Coinsbee is one of the largest B2C providers of mobile top-ups and gift cards against cryptocurrencies. We accept more than 228 different cryptocurrencies and our offer includes more than 35,356 different products from 35,356 brands for 186 countries. Our head office is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The team has grown to 6 employees since 2019 and operates from Germany and Ukraine. A first funding took place in early 2022 to further secure the very fast, always profitable growth.


Over 3000 Brands Available

Coinsbee.com product offering expands to over 3000 Brands from all over the globe.

Even More Languages

Coinsbee.com is now available in 8 more languages, pushing up the total number of languages to 23.

Design Update

Coinsbee.com’s design is updated to further improve the user experience.

Partnership with Remitano

Coinsbee.com integrates Remitano as a payment option.

International Trademark Registration

Coinsbee is now registered as an official brand in most markets all over the world.

Partnership with Binance

Coinsbee.com integrates Binance Pay as the first provider on the Binance Marketplace.

400 New Brands on Coinsbee.com

Over 400 new brands in various countries have been added and are now available for purchase.

Added Worldwide Mobile Phone Top-Ups

Coinsbee offers the worldwide top-up of prepaid mobile phones. More than 500 providers in over 148 countries have been integrated.

New Shop Design

To further improve the overall user experience, the design of website and shop was revised.

Over 20.000 Products Sold

Coinsbee.com is growing with strong double-digit MoM momentum and sells it’s 20.000th product on the platform.

First Big Update

Launch of a major upgrade, enabling customer accounts, account verification and more.

Coinsbee Becomes Multilingual

In addition to the German and English version, Coinsbee now supports Russian, Spanish, French, and Chinese translations.

Coinsbee Goes Live

After months of designing, building & testing, Coinsbee.com goes live in September 2019.

Founded Coinsbee

The Coinsbee GmbH is officially founded in Stuttgart, Germany.