Buy gift cards with ARAGON (ANT)

Buy gift cards with ARAGON (ANT)

Buy gift cards with ARAGON (ANT)

How can I pay for services and goods with Aragon (ANT) on the net?

Since the development of the Internet, the possibilities of using it have expanded exponentially. With Coinsbee you can now finally go shopping with a cryptocoin. How does it all work? You select the desired voucher on the Coinsbee website. Then you pay for it with one of over 43 crypto currencies such as Aragon (ANT), with which you can pay on Coinsbee. The voucher code will be sent to you immediately by e-mail. You can then redeem the code on the website of the provider.

listen to the Deezer and pay subscription with Aragon (ANT)

The latest hits and current playlists are available from the streaming provider Deezer directly to your mobile phone or computer. The music service provider from Paris has about 53 million titles on offer. Just like with Spotify, you can listen to the songs in offline mode if you take out a subscription. Interesting is the "flow mode". Then Deezer remembers what songs you have heard and creates new song lists based on your musical taste with titles to (re)discover. You can easily pay your Deezer subscription with cryptocoins like Aragon (ANT). You can find the right voucher for a subscription of one, three or six months on the homepage of Coinsbee. Select it and pay with Aragon. Of course you can also use any other currency available on Coinsbee. Thanks to the Deezer vouchers and the crypto-currencies linked to Coinsbee, you are independent when it comes to payment.

Use Aragon (ANT) to buy in the network

independence is generally an important aspect of paying with crypto money. Meanwhile there are so many digital currencies that the agony of choice in the block chain is quite big. The more you deal with the matter, the more currencies you know. Did you know, for example, that with Aragon you can not only pay for music streaming services like Deezer, but also a variety of other services and goods? The solution is to purchase credit cards or vouchers here on Coinsbee. Use Aragon to pay for your purchases on Steam, League of Legends or Xbox Live. You can also pay for all products in PlayStation Store using the prepaid cards purchased on Coinsbee. Even Minecraft, FIFA and many more games can be used with Aragon. Another big area are prepaid credits with mobile phone cards. Here you can redeem credit at all mobile phone companies in Germany, which you have purchased with ANT and other crypto currencies here at Coinsbee.

Aragon (ANT) - an idealistic community conquers the world

The Aragon Project was initiated in Spain in February 2017. The purpose of Aragon is to enable communities to form independently on the net. They can share their common values without hindrance and pool their resources. Aragon can be used in companies as well as in administrations or associations. Ideally, this creates unlimited added value, which makes Aragon-using organizations more efficient. The capitalisation at the start brought Aragon a value of around 25 million US dollars. Although the campaign was supposed to last 30 days, all tokens were sold within the first quarter of an hour after launch. The advantages of the open source software Aragon are obvious: High data security through decentralized encryption in the block chain. Each project phase can be accompanied and monitored by all participants in Aragon. The identity of the user is protected and cannot be determined simply by attacking the platform. The platform also has a function for resolving differences of opinion. The creation of intelligent contracts is also possible with Aragon. The platform only charges very low fees for its services, which can be paid in Aragon. Aragon follows the Continuous Token Model, according to which coins can circulate on the market in unlimited amounts, depending on how the founders want to put new coins into circulation.