Buy gift cards with Augur (REP)

Buy gift cards with Augur (REP) Buy gift cards with Augur (REP)

charge credit at over 500 mobile phone providers worldwide with AUGUR (REP) credit

Anyone who has a mobile phone contract on a credit basis with one of the German mobile phone providers will appreciate it if it is as easy as possible to top up their credit account. From now on, thanks to Coinsbee you can even top up your SIM card with crypto currencies like AUGUR (REP). It doesn't matter whether you are on the road with E-Plus, O2, Telekom Deutschland or the Vodafone network. For each service you get credit cards here at, which you can immediately exchange with crypto money. Choose out of 50 crypto currencies the one you want to convert into phone credits. It gets really bad if you travel abroad a lot. offers worldwide phone credits in all major countries (including the USA). But also in other areas you can find vouchers on Coinsbee. For example in e-commerce, gaming or for payment service providers.

AUGUR (REP) to stream your favorite series on Netflix - as often and as much as you want

Do you have a passion for series on Netflix? An evening without Netflix streaming is not complete for you? Then use your saved money in the currency AUGUR (REP), Bitcoin or over 50 other crypto currencies to pay your Netflix subscription. How does it work? Just select the Netflix Credit Card here at Amounts of 15, 25 or 40 Euros are currently possible. The exchange rate in relation to the US Dollar and the Euro will be displayed directly on the page. Now add your voucher to the shopping cart, enter the email address you want the voucher to be delivered to and pay with AUGUR (REP). You will find the voucher code in your email box within one to 15 minutes and can be credited immediately at Netflix.

What can I pay online with AUGUR (REP)?

In addition to streaming on Netflix and other major streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer, you can purchase many other goods and services online with your crypto money. Even if they explicitly do not accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. The solution is the credit card - exchanged for crypto money via Coinsbee. For example, you can download apps and games for purchase from Google Play or Apple's App Store, or pay for your games and boots on PlayStation, XBox or Nintendo. Thanks to our cooperation with Visa, Mastercard or Amex, you can also use a virtual credit card with crypto money in online casinos, sports betting or poker. And if you travel abroad a lot, simply use the payment providers accepted there with your AUGUR (REP). For Chinese services and online shops for example with WeChat Pay or QQ, in Russia with Yandex. Coinsbee is international and can even exchange vouchers for the different country platforms of Amazon.

No fees, no problems, maximum fun - exchange AUGUR (REP) for credit and recharge cards

The AUGUR (REP) is a crypto currency, which was created in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug. AUGUR itself is a platform for forecasting events. Through so-called crowd intelligence, it aims to predict the outcome of events as precisely as possible. The underlying unit is called reputation (REP). This was distributed to approximately 4,800 people at the launch in March 2016. In the preceding crowdsale phase, 5.2 million US dollars were collected. Although AUGUR was initially to be developed on the Bitcoin platform, the founders ultimately decided to use Ethereum. This was because Bitcoin did not offer any clear security advantages, according to the founders.