Buy gift cards with AVA (AVA)

Buy gift cards with AVA (AVA) Buy gift cards with AVA (AVA)

purchase with Travala voucher cards on Coinsbee

Here at Coinsbee you can get prepaid cards for many well-known providers in the fields of e-commerce, mobile, gaming and payment services, which you can pay with crypto currencies. Convert your crypto-credits from Travala into credit codes or gift vouchers for your favourite service providers. Select your voucher. Determine the amount of the voucher and place the voucher card in the shopping cart. You can order as many vouchers as you like. Then pay with your favorite coin, like Travala, Bitcoin or Bancor. The exchange rate will be displayed in real time, so you can see at a glance whether the deal is worthwhile for you. After payment you will receive the credit code directly by e-mail in your mailbox.

Pay your PlayStation Plus game subscriptions with Travala

Do you like to be at home and play the most blatant games on your console at every opportunity? But it annoys you that you often don't have the money at hand when you need it for online shopping. How good would it be if you could build up your gaming balance in advance? Subscriptions to PlayStation Plus can be funded with Coinsbee credits just like Xbox, Nintendo or Google Play. You can also buy credit for Facebook Games here.

Use Travala to top up your prepaid credit

Mobile phone discounters such as,, BILD mobil, Simyo or Fonic as well as many other brands from the E-Plus network can be easily loaded with Cryptocoins from Travala, Bitcoin or one of the numerous other tokens from the Blockchain. All you need is the matching voucher, which you can redeem here on Coinsbee with Travala. Vodafone, Telekom Deutschland and the brands from the o2 network can also be easily paid with crypto money. We also offer credit for some mobile phone providers from other European countries. This is especially practical if you are on holiday there and temporarily use a mobile phone card from the host country. (AVA) - the next generation travel platform is a one-stop travel booking platform that combines the best of booking website functionality with the advantages offered by next-generation distributed technologies and token incentive structures. Over two million hotels in 210 countries with a rating of 1 to 5 stars. Hotels, apartments, hostels, villas and resorts, all bookable with the native AVA token as well as FIAT and leading crypto currency assets.