Buy gift cards with Bancor (BNT)

Buy gift cards with Bancor (BNT) Buy gift cards with Bancor (BNT)

Shopping online with exotic cryptocoins like Bancor Network Token (BNT) - is that possible?

Yes, of course! With Coinsbee you are able to redeem your crypto money into vouchers and credit cards for a variety of great online stores and brands. Through this intermediate step, the whole world of e-commerce is also open to you as a customer paying with Cryptocoins. You can even use exotic coins such as the Bancor Network Token (BNT) to pay, even though the shops would otherwise not accept the crypto money. Just select the voucher on Coinsbee, check the exchange rate of the currency you want to buy, buy - done. It's never been easier to shop with digital currencies on large platforms.

Use American Express with Bancor Network Token (BNT)

A credit card from American Express is not a bad idea as a backup payment method, especially when travelling. It is true that the acceptance is somewhat lower than that of Visa or Mastercard. However, if you pay with your good name, you can certainly make an impression. In a restaurant, in a taxi or even when paying for tickets or flights to your holiday destination. Meanwhile there is also a prepaid card from American Express, which you can top up with credit. And thanks to Coinsbee it is now possible to transfer crypto money like the Bancor Network Token (BNT) to your American Express credit card. To do this, select the credit top-up for Amex at Coinsbee and pay with your favourite cryptocoin. You will then receive the Amex code directly on your mobile phone (via e-mail). This way you can complete the recharge in a few minutes and immediately have your money on your credit card.

Online shopping with the Bancor Network Token (BNT)

Not only payment systems can now be fed with credit from the block chain. On Coinsbee you can get credit cards and vouchers for many other providers in the areas of mobile telephony, gaming and e-commerce, which you can top up with the Bancor Network Token and many other coin currencies. T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus and o2 as well as the offers of the numerous German mobile phone discounters from to congastar and can all be paid with crypto-currencies via the credit card. Also the range Games does not come on Coinsbee too briefly. With Nintendo, Sony PlayStation and XBox all big names are on board. There is also the possibility to pay for Facebook gaming or mobile games via Google Play with Bancor Network Token. Platforms like League of Legends, Minecraft or Final Fantasy XIV are also on board. The online console shop eneba can also be stocked with credit from crypto currencies in this way. There you can find everything that makes the gamer's heart beat faster.

Bancor Network Token (BNT) - an interim currency for the Bancor trading platform

Bancor is a network where users can buy, sell and exchange their crypto currencies for other currencies. This is also called liquidity pool. The fees incurred in this exchange are traded in BNT (Bancor Network Token). The BNT is therefore an intermediate currency that can be traded to transfer your actual coins into another coin currency on the basis of ERC-20. Of course you can also use the BNT to buy goods and services. As a so-called protocol token, the BNT is more efficient in the opinion of the founders. Because Bancor can process trades across block chains. ERC-20 and EOS tokens can be traded i system. This creates a network effect for all those who hold shares in BNT. The higher the demand for BNT, the more value the token becomes. Thus, as liquidity increases, each pool at Bancor becomes more liquid. In addition, betting bonuses are now to be created that additionally reward the investment and holding of BNT.