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Coinsbee bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and everyday purchases. Our platform allows you to effortlessly convert your Basic Attention Token (BAT) into tangible purchasing power through a wide range of gift cards. Using your digital assets is now easier than ever thanks to our service, which supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies. Maximize your Basic Attention Token (BAT) holdings by easily converting them into gift cards for top stores and online services, offering a simple, quick, and secure process. Our user-friendly platform and diverse catalog cater to all preferences, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Best Gift Cards to Buy with Basic Attention Token (BAT)

We offer a diverse selection of gift cards for shopping, entertainment, and gaming, enabling your cryptocurrency to access a broad range of services, including top online marketplaces, video streaming, and gaming platforms.
Selecting the perfect gift card goes beyond the transaction and focuses on the experiences it delivers. Our platform makes converting your Basic Attention Token (BAT) to gift cards as simple and flexible as the digital currency itself, with a commitment to variety that keeps our catalog full of fresh and exciting brands, bringing you the very best options out there.

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Can I pay with Basic Attention Token (BAT)?
Buying gift cards on Coinsbee with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a good way to use the trusted cryptocurrency to purchase various services or goods on major trading platforms and from many other service providers in the e-commerce, gaming, mobile or payment services sectors. Of course, reliability is also a top priority for this type of online shopping. Coinsbee shows you directly with each voucher how long it is valid. So you can also buy credit cards in stock and use them flexibly if necessary. Just place the desired voucher in the shopping cart, pay with Basic Attention Token (BAT) or another cryptocurrency and the voucher will be sent to your email.
Can I use my Basic Attention Token (BAT) to purchase applications from the Google Play Store?
Do you have a smartphone with an Android operating system? Then use the Google PlayStore to download apps, games, books, music and streams to your phone - and if you have to pay, you can. Games such as Clash Royal or Pokémon Go can also be purchased from the Google PlayStore. Google also accepts gift cards as a means of payment in its PlayStore. You can also pay for these PlayStore gift cards on Coinsbee with Basic Attention Token (BAT) and many other digital currencies on the blockchain. The real-time currency converter shows you how much cryptocurrency you have to invest to buy your gift card. Then you don't have to rub or print anything. Your gift card will be sent to you by email in the form of an encrypted code. And not hours later, but shortly after the purchase. You can redeem the credit directly in PlayStore whenever you need it.
What else can I buy with Basic Attention Token (BAT)?
Cryptocurrency-based e-commerce is becoming increasingly trendy. The pioneers mainly allowed payment with Bitcoin and smaller currencies, such as the Basic Attention Token, fell by the wayside. Now this is changing. Because here, on our platform, you can buy more than 200 cryptocurrencies directly in credits for almost all major platforms. From the shopping mecca Amazon to the online auction house eBay to the fashion house Zalando: there are no limits to your shopping fun whether you want to pay with coins or tokens. You can also take advantage of the full range of games. All major gaming platforms accept vouchers you have bought on Coinsbee with cryptocurrencies. So you can pay for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, as well as skins, boots and new avatars. The mobile credit section is also strong. All prepaid tariffs can be topped up with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) or other digital currencies. And all this in a few minutes and without much effort. The interface to the offline world is provided by payment service providers, for which you can also buy credit cards with Bitcoin. PayPal, Visa, Mastercard are just some of the big names that offer credit cards that you can top up with the Basic Care Token. These cards can not only be used for online payments, but of course also function as a normal means of payment when you are in a shop or on a trip.
Can I use Basic Attention Token (BAT) to make money with digital advertising?
The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a digital advertising platform based on blockchain technology. The idea comes from the co-founder of the Firefox browser and the San Francisco-based Mozilla Foundation, Brendan Eich, who is the man behind it. Similar to Google AdWords, users have the possibility to engage in digital advertising on the Basic Attention Token platform and pay money for it. The ads are paid to users in the form of the company's own digital currency BAT (Basic Attention Token). There is also an attention algorithm that measures the reach of the digital ads used. BAT circulates through three target groups: 1. advertisers who pay for their ads with BAT 2. publishers who include ads from the Basic Attention Token network on their websites and are remunerated with BAT. 3. users who can also receive BAT if they demonstrably see advertisements from the BAT network. The Basic Attention Token can be exchanged in the ecosystem of participating merchants for goods and services, or on Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies. The BAT technology is based on the ERC-20 technology of the Ethereum platform. The BAsic Attention Token was launched in 2017 and in the first round of capitalisation the BAT reached a value of USD 35 million.