Buy gift cards with Dai (DAI)

Buy gift cards with Dai (DAI) Buy gift cards with Dai (DAI)

With the Stablecoin DAI - buy at stable prices

Supply and demand regulate the market. In the case of a digital currency, the fluctuation in exchange rates can be considerable. When a run on a particular currency begins, the price per coin can sometimes skyrocket to undreamt-of levels. Only to plummet afterwards. Such extreme fluctuations are not for the faint of heart. So-called stablecoins try to keep the price stable to prevent speculation. This will benefit you when shopping. Because if you want to spend your DAI at Amazon or try out the latest fashion trends at Zalando, you can safely ignore the real-time exchange rates when you redeem your voucher on Coinsbee. With the DAI you can not only shop in online shops, but also buy credit for gaming platforms or get credit codes to top up your SIM card. Interesting are also the numerous possibilities to purchase credit for payment services. In this way, you can choose from a wide range of shops and service providers that accept the DAI. Because you have previously exchanged it for credit (converted into euros). But also when it comes to streaming music, audio books and films, the DAI gives you the edge. Because you can use the credit code of Coinsbee to renew your monthly memberships at Netflix, Deezer and co. again and again.

redeeming yourDAI with PlayStation Plus

Undisputedly, the PlayStation from Sony has stood for the best gaming fun among consoles for decades. Unleash the full potential of your PS4 by subscribing to PlayStation Plus. Download two games a month for free and get access to exclusive promotions and discounts. PlayStation Plus prepaid cards are available for three, six or twelve months. With DAI, you can pay your PlayStation Plus credits more efficiently. The transaction is quick and easy. Then you can instantly retrieve your code by email and activate your subscription to PlayStation Plus. You can also give the credit code as a gift. That's the great thing about gift vouchers. You can also make others happy with them.
Sony also runs PlayStation Store. There you can buy add-ons for games, movies, TV and of course downloadable games. You can also buy vouchers for these. Please note that you need to look in the region where you registered your PlayStation. The voucher is only valid for one region at a time. From Germany to Hong Kong, all major nations are represented. The voucher is valid for three years from the date of purchase. Activated but unused credit on PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus automatically expires after 24 months.

E-Plus recharge credit with DAI

Also in the field of mobile phones Coinsbee has a lot of vouchers to choose from. E-Plus with its numerous subsidiaries like, or Simyo offers vouchers on Coinsbee that are also payable with DAI or one of the many other crypto currencies. Really exciting is also the use of PrePaid assets abroad. On Coinsbee you will find various mobile phone providers from neighbouring countries where you can directly top up credit for your SIM card. Especially if you're often travelling in England, you can choose from a wide range of credit. Talk Home, 3G, Now, Tesco Mobile or giffgaff are just some of the available credit cards from Great Britain. Do you have a lot to do in the Benelux countries for business or pleasure? With top-up codes from providers such as Jim Mobile, kpn, Proximus, GT Mobile and 88 mobile, we can also provide you with the best service for your prepaid mobile card in the Netherlands and Belgium. Even if you use phone cards from Lebara or Lycamobile, with which you can make cheap calls to many countries via SIM card, you can still rely on payment with crypto currencies. On Coinsbee, for example, Lycamobile prepaid cards for various countries can be booked for up to 50 euros per code.

The DAI - a crypto currency from MakerDao

Based on the Ethereum platform, the DAI was launched as a stablecoin. The DAI represents the US dollar 1:1 and is also supported by reserves. Responsible for the foundation of the DAI as a crypto currency is the Dane Rune Christensen, with his California-based Start Up MakerDAO. Unlike comparable currencies such as the True USD (TUSD) or Gemini Dollar Exchange (GUSD), the DAI is not supported by fiat reserves in a bank, but regulates itself. The regulatory control of the token is not carried out by external auditors, but by the community itself. All transactions are publicly visible at all times in the block chain and can thus be controlled by anyone. To generate a dai, a user can deposit a so-called maker vault within the maker protocol in the block chain, which is covered by the US dollar. In this way a DAI is created, which can now be put into circulation. It is thus a means of payment, just like any other crypto currency. Interesting is the implemented saving function. With the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) the blockchain can be used to hold and save DAI and thus to build up reserves in a targeted way. The DAI is traded with the in-house client Oasis.