Buy gift cards with Decred (DCR)

Buy gift cards with Decred (DCR) Buy gift cards with Decred (DCR)

What can I pay online with DECRED (DCR)?

Anyone who makes full use of the possibilities of the Internet wants to be able to pay securely and anonymously. Especially because banking software is still easy to manipulate, payment with crypto money such as Decred (DCR) is a worthwhile alternative. With Coinsbee, the acceptance of accepting various crypto-currencies increases with many well-known brands. Because Coinsbee makes sure that you can exchange cryptocoins like Decred (DCR) for prepaid cards without much effort. You can then redeem this credit on the platform of the provider and pay for your purchases in their store.

Purchase Nintendo credits with Decred (DCR)

Are Nintendo classics like Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario Bros. games your thing? Wii U and its family-friendly features such as Just Dance, Wii Music and Wii Fit Plus will give you a lot of fun? Then why not consider using crypto money to pay for your next purchase from the Nintendo eShop for your Wii or Nintendo 3 DS? The payment process is also very easy thanks to Coinsbee. You select the Nintendo voucher in the desired credit amount and put it in the shopping cart. In the next step, you pay for the voucher with your favourite crypto currency such as Decred (DCR) at the daily exchange rate. The voucher code will then be delivered to you by e-mail. You can then redeem it immediately in the Nintendo eShop at no additional cost. Ideal not only for personal use, but also as a gift.

Go shopping on the Internet with Decred (DCR)

Almost every online shop offers the redemption of vouchers as a payment option. This offer can be used cleverly to pay with the crypto currency of your choice. To do so, you just have to exchange the crypto money for a voucher card on Coinsbee. Not only Nintendo accepts payments in this way, but also Sony's PlayStation Plus, XBOX or Steam can be paid with Decred (DCR) and other tokens. Minecraft, FIFA, imvu, League of Legends, Runescape and Battlenet are other platforms for which you can exchange your coins for credits on Coinsbee. But you can also top up your prepaid mobile phone card in the networks of E-Plus, Telekom or Vodafone with crypto money on Coinsbee. And without any great effort. You can also pay at Amazon or Zalando with vouchers that you have bought on Coinsbee with cryptocoins. You can also exchange Decred (DCR) for payment cards from relevant service providers such as paysafecard, Skrill, WeChat or PayPal and thus buy services or goods almost anywhere on the internet.

Sustainable financing with Decred (DCR)

The currency Decred (DCR) was founded in February 2016 by the developers of Bitcoin. The purpose of Decred (DCR) is the sustainable financing and development of projects that are strongly oriented towards the common good. The Blockchain is based on the innovative Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Activity system, which is designed to specifically eliminate the weaknesses of Bitcoin. In this respect, this currency is a proposed solution to the problems of Bitcoin. The market capitalization was 666.92 million US dollars. This put Decred in 27th place at the start.