Buy gift cards with DigiByte (DGB)

Buy gift cards with DigiByte (DGB) Buy gift cards with DigiByte (DGB)

Go on a shopping tour with Digibyte and pay virtually

Shopping to your heart's content whenever and wherever you want is possible around the clock thanks to the internet. Thanks to block chain technology, payment flows are also becoming increasingly secure, so that you no longer need a bank account for a variety of services and products. A virtual wallet like Ethereum is completely sufficient to pay on the net. The solution is to use debit cards from major providers, which you can buy with your crypto money on Coinsbee. With Digibyte you get access to the whole world of online shopping without having to use regular currencies.

Top up my prepaid credit card from Bitsa

Modern prepaid payment systems that can be managed from an app are now very popular. Bitsa from Monaco is one of these still quite young companies that are launching a prepaid credit card on the market in cooperation with Visa. The aim is to make it easier for you to pay by card when you travel. Because with a Bitsa card you save a lot of fees. In the standard version, the Bitsa credit card is even completely free of charge. The special thing about Bitsa is the acceptance of Bitcoin as a top-up method. With Coinsbee, however, you get even more out of it. You can use over 40 additional Cryptocoins to top up your Bitsa balance. We currently offer prepaid credit of 40 or 100 euros, which you can pay for with Bitcoin, Digibyte or Decred, for example. Everything is completely uncomplicated and can be produced without high costs. More flexibility is hardly possible, especially when you are on the road and want to top up your travel budget on your Bitsa prepaid card.

What else you can buy with Digibyte

Not only your Bitsa credit card can be loaded with Digibyte and other Cryptocoins. You can also buy credit codes with crypto currencies on Coinsbee for other offers from the Visa, Mastercard and Amex families, which are then sent directly to your email inbox. Internet payment services like Skrill, PayPal and paysafecard are also part of the portfolio on Coinsbee. Vodafone, Telekom Deutschland (formerly T-Mobile) and their numerous prepaid mobile tariffs are represented in the telecommunications sector on Coinsbee. All credit cards for all major mobile phone providers in Germany and some neighbouring European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium or Ireland can be paid for online with crypto currencies such as Digibyte, Bitcoin or Lite. The credit codes can be used immediately after purchase. No separate activation is required. But if the credit code is in your mailbox and was sent to you by e-mail, it can be used immediately. It can then be deposited as a credit on the website of the provider after login.

Digibyte (DGB) - the world's longest active block chain

The crypto currency Digibyte is, according to its own statement, the longest existing block chain in the world. It was already created in 2013 by programmer Jared Tate and has meanwhile reached a market capitalization of over one trillion US dollars. Digibyte is a digital open source currency based on Bitcoin. Digibyte is a UTXO-based coin. Similar to Bitcoin, each coin has an identifier. They are not considered issued until they are sent to other users. Five proof-of-work algorithms execute the block chain, including SHA256 and Scrypt. Digibyte was the first block to use Segregated Witness technology to maintain scalability.digibyte maintains a block chain of over five million blocks. The throughput is equivalent to 280 transactions per second (if the transactions are small). Digibyte has over 100000 nodes worldwide, whose entries are kept in the general ledger.