Buy gift cards with DigixDAO (DGD)

Buy gift cards with DigixDAO (DGD) Buy gift cards with DigixDAO (DGD)

Top up your credit with Digixdao or shop in all major online stores

A perfect possibility to buy also with crypto currencies in a proven online shop or marketplace like Amazon is the intermediate step via the credit card. Here at Coinsbee you can use your preferred crypto currency such as the Digixdao (DGD) to buy prepaid cards that you can use as a means of payment on the platform of your choice. Simply select the desired credit card, see which crypto currency you can pay with. Briefly check the current exchange rate that is displayed next to the price and then add the prepaid card to your shopping cart. Now initiate the payment process by paying the displayed price in the desired blockchain currency. You will then receive an email from Coinsbee with your discount code. It was easier for you to pay with Cryptocoins than ever before.

Profit from the secure payment of your Microsoft products with Digixdao

Almost everybody knows the Office 365 products of the company Microsoft from Seattle. The company, founded by Bill Gates in the late 1970s, is the market leader and sells software solutions such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also accessories in the hardware area or the many cloud based applications like Microsoft Teams are among the products for which one loves - or hates Microsoft. Depending on your attitude. However, the fact is that almost 77 percent of all computers work with the Windows operating system. So why not also pay the license fees at Microsoft with crypto currencies? Or pay for the latest software update of the office package with Digixdao? Coinsbee makes it possible! Because with Digixdao you buy a digital credit card for Microsoft which you can convert into a real credit immediately after receipt. This way you can also buy at Microsoft with crypto money.

Shopping everywhere with the Digixdao (DGD), even in your favourite shop in your city

Of course Coinsbee offers a wide range of debit cards with which you can shop online and offline. Not only on established platforms you can shop like this, but even in your favourite local store. Provided you have a prepaid credit card and the store accepts card payments. Then you top up your Visa or Mastercard credit via Coinsbee that you paid with Digixdao and transfer the credit to your prepaid credit card using a code. Nowadays, this procedure can be done in a matter of minutes. Benefit from the added value of digital currencies and redeem your crypto money on Coinsbee for credit cards for services and providers in many industries. From the e-commerce platform to the mobile phone provider to the gaming store. Many big names are involved and accept Digixdao and other crypto currencies on Coinsbee. When do you grab and shop your products with Digixdao?

Digixdao tokens (DGD) are counted up in gold

One gram of gold corresponds to one digixdao. For this, 0.13% of the transaction fees and one third of the mooring fees are spent to stabilize the currency in gold bars. Other precious metals such as silver are to follow. Holders of Digixdao would be paid out in gold bars, fiat money or other crypto-currencies if more than 80% of Digixdao's holders vote for its liquidation. Digixdao can be stored in digital wallets that can read and store the ECR 20 token, which is currently primarily the case in the Ethereum network.