Buy gift cards with district0x (DNT)

Buy gift cards with district0x (DNT) Buy gift cards with district0x (DNT)

Unlimited gambling - pay your games with District 0X(DNT)

Do you like to gamble on your console or gaming PC? And do you collect money in the Blockchain at the same time? Then you can now connect both worlds and pay your lots and skins with crypto money like District 0X (DNT). All you have to do is select the credit card for your console here on Coinsbee. Xbox One and Xbox Live are available, as well as PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Store. But you can also pay Nintendo (and the world of Super Mario Bros) with District 0X (DNT), Bitcoin or Ether. Here at you can exchange over 50 digital currencies for credits. Nowhere is more possible! But you can not only buy credits from the Gaming & Games area. There are also other credit and recharge cards on offer.

Pay for Super Mario Bros and other classic games at Nintendo with crypto money like District 0X (DNT)

Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and, of course, the Super Mario Bros: Nintendo has made game history and created many popular game series that are still modern today. Now you can also subscribe to the games on the Nintendo platform with crypto money. Just have the currency you want like District 0X (DNT) ready, add the credit card to the shopping cart and pay directly with Lightning technology. This is the fastest way to pay. The 16-digit activation code for your Nintendo Credit will be sent directly to the email address you provide. No long waiting times thanks to Blockchain Lightning technology. The voucher for Nintendo will be sent immediately to the e-mail address you entered. It can be used immediately. So you can feed your Wii, your DSI or the consoles of the 3DS family all with crypto money.

charge with District 0X (DNT) credit cards on

The large selection of credit and recharge cards is really exciting. More than 100 different vouchers can be exchanged here on Coinsbee with about 50 crypto currencies like District 0X (DNT), Bitcoins Cash, Ether etc. Not only credits from the "Games" segment, but also payment cards from Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Shopping credits for webstores such as the fashion house Zalando, the merchant platform ebay or the various services of Amazon. Profit from offers from the Microsoft universe. Pay for your software licenses or top up your Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype Credit with District 0X (DNT). Also mobile phone credit for prepaid tariffs can be topped up with crypto money via Choose your mobile provider from over 500 providers worldwide and benefit from a very easy way to turn crypto money like District 0X (DNT) into credit for mobile calling and surfing.

District 0X (DNT) - a block chain for own decentralized marketplaces and communities

The District 0X project, launched on August 1, 2017, is a network that serves as a group of decentralized communities and marketplaces called districts. District 0X is supported by Aragon, Ethereum and IPFS and joins a growing list of platforms that are designed to facilitate transactions and more. With Ethereum Smart Contracts it is possible to create your own decentralized marketplaces and communities in the block chain. Anyone can provide a district in the network for free. The District 0X Network Token (DNT) is used to allow their owners to join individual districts. Participants receive a voting right for their DNT, with which they can have a say in the respective district. From branding to code of conduct and the use of revenue-generating auxiliary modules and the amount of fees that can be charged for them.