Buy gift cards with Dogecoin (DOGE)

Buy gift cards with Dogecoin (DOGE) Buy gift cards with Dogecoin (DOGE)

Purchase credit cards with Dogecoin (DOGE)

On Coinsbee you can get prepaid cards for all major online shops and service providers in the mobile, gaming and payment services sectors that you can pay with Dogecoin. All transactions on Coinsbee are very secure thanks to the block chain. You can quickly and easily buy credit with crypto money, which can be redeemed in your favourite online shop to pay for products, goods or services. The displayed currency rates in real time next to the credit card in the Coinsbee online shop will inform you whether it is worthwhile to top up your credit with DOGE. This is because the link to the US dollar results in daily revaluations or devaluations of the crypto currency. With a little luck, you can profit from the fluctuations and save a few cents when purchasing the credit.

Pay for Blizzard Entertainment video games with credit from Dogecoin

World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Starcraft Call of Duty and Diablo are the names of the popular games from Blizzard. Those who stay on the ball every day will experience the multitude of offers and expansions around the popular game classics. Our customers experience every day anew how easy it is to purchase credits with Dogecoin via Coinsbee. Simply select credit for the appropriate platform, place it in the shopping basket and pay with DOGE. You'll then receive an email with your Blizzard Entertainment game credit code. Overwatch or World of Warcraft? Which game is your personal favorite? Whether it's Battle Pass, Team-based Shooter, Lootboxes, or subscriptions, Coinsbee gives you the ability to pay for the game of your choice with crypto money such as Dogecoin. Now choose your Blizzard credit card and load it with DOGE.

Use cryptocoins such as Dogecoin (DOGE) to top up credits

But Dogecoin can not only be used to top up credit for the leading gaming platforms and games from Blizzard, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, many other services from various industries can now also be paid for with crypto currencies. In e-commerce, you can shop on all major platforms with credit generated from DOGE. The latest fashion on Zalando for example. Bargains on ebay or products from the extensive range of market leader Amazon. In the entertainment segment, of course, streaming services should not be missing: Movies and series on Netflix, your favourite music on Spotify or your playlist on Deezer. In the mobile phone sector you will also find a considerable number of mobile phone providers on Coinsbee for which you can renew your credit. E-Plus, T-Mobile, Fonic and Vodafone are just a few of the network operators for which you can buy or give away credit. Especially handy: With the digital money Dogecoin you can also use payment service providers such as PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. In this way, you can use your prepaid credit card to pay for a variety of services or purchase products, and you can rely on the extremely fast and secure transfer of your Dogecoins.

What began as a fun currency is now a serious payment alternative

The Dogecoin was created at the end of 2013 on the Internet. Initially, the founders' goal was to target the rapidly growing complementary currencies of Bitcoin. The logo of the Doge with the Shiba-Inu-Meme of the same name is an expression of this funny past. However, because Doge is so popular, the network has become one of the most interesting at present. The time to create a new block for your wallet takes exactly one minute with this currency. In contrast to currencies like Litecoin or Bitcoin, the amount of coins to be minted is not limited to 21 million, but is set at 100 billion DOGE. The price drops and currency fluctuations are, however, somewhat stronger than with comparable crypto-currencies, which is why investing in DOGE should be well considered.