Buy gift cards with EOS (EOS)

Buy gift cards with EOS (EOS) Buy gift cards with EOS (EOS)

Pay your shopping vouchers with EOS

The Blockchain has many faces. Big digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin are known to everybody by now. In addition, there are some more special block chain technologies, whose currencies are no less exciting. One of them is EOS from This currency, which has been in existence since 2017, is based on a block chain that aims to create a user environment for decentralized software. Here at Coinsbee, EOS is one of over 40 currencies with which you can top up credit for a large number of shopping platforms, service providers and online shops. There is hardly a more secure transaction method than paying with money from the block chain. Because the decentralized storage of a transaction on many nodes makes the manipulation of a transfer or payment virtually impossible. If you now purchase a voucher with EOS, you can redeem the code immediately on the online shop's website. From that moment on, the credit is stored in your user account and can no longer be used by strangers. It's particularly clever if you spend it immediately on purchases. In the shopping frenzy on platforms like Zalando, ebay or Amazon. Pay your subscriptions to streaming services like Spotify or Deezer, or watch a series on Netflix. But also to top up your mobile phone card at the prepaid provider, the credit card with EOS purchased on Coinsbee is suitable.

Use payment solutions with EOS

If you like to allow yourself the freedom to pay with your good name, you probably have a Visa or American Express credit card. One of the latest innovations in the field of payment solutions is the credit card on a prepaid basis. So you first top up your account with a credit balance and then make payments with this card. The decisive advantage of this variant is that you cannot get into debt. With a fixed budget, topped up with a credit code, you hardly run the risk of losing your balance in the shopping mania. Coinsbee supports you in recharging your budget with money from the block chain. For example with EOS, Bitcoin or Ether. Pay with whatever you like and experience how easy it is to transfer crypto money to your Visa card account. Thanks to the high acceptance of Visa and Mastercard, there are almost no limits to the possible uses of your preferred means of payment. It will be especially practical if you link your credit card with Apple Pay. This way you can pay even faster, safer and more efficiently - and as a Coinsbee customer you can use your crypto money really cleverly for what is important to you. From daily shopping in the supermarket, to a delicious meal in a restaurant, to booking your trip at the airport.

Clever and pay fast with EOS

Have you ever heard of Neosurf, Topup Tools or Skrill? If not, it's about time. Because with these specialists in the area of credit-based payment solutions you can achieve a lot. Let's start with Neosurf. Coinsbee offers from Neosurf credit cards between 5 and 150 euros. Credits in Swiss francs are also possible at Neosurf. The provider is one of the most experienced payment service providers in the gaming industry. Not only poker and sports bets can be paid with Neosurf, but also well-known online games from Good Game Studios, Bigpoint, League of Legends or Farmerama. In total, more than 20,000 web shops accept payments with Neosurf. Topup Tools is a top-up service with interface to a number of very fine payment solutions. For example WebMoney, Qiwi, WeChat, QQ, Yandex or Wallet One. Simply select the desired credit balance for the payment service provider and you can pay it with EOS. Your credit balance is available immediately after the successful transfer. The Skrill company also enjoys a high level of acceptance. The prepaid payment service works similar to Paypal. You first open an account with Skrill and then have the option of making payments by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. But also the receipt of money is possible at Skrill. To pay at Skrill with EOS, you buy a credit card for Skrill here on Coinsbee and redeem it at Skrill. The credit will be credited directly to your Skrill account.

EOS.IO - a scalable crypto currency as user environment

One of the big problems of Bitcoin, Ether and co. is their unpredictable scalability. Depending on the amount, there can be major exchange rate fluctuations, as a result of which a company that has invested in this crypto currency can have problems with transactions. After all, transactions and deals should be plannable and targeted. Transaction fees of unimagined amounts make such transactions a business risk. This is where the digital currency EOS.IO comes in, which was invented by the company The associated software has been available as an open source solution since summer 2017. EOS is a block chain architecture that is specifically tailored to several million transactions per second, thus making transaction fees superfluous. EOS also dispenses with classic mining. New blocks are generated for the network by 21 pre-selected and licensed block producers. Similar to an operating system, EOS offers an environment in the block chain on which applications can be designed. A first test environment was provided by in spring 2018. With a market capitalization of around USD 6.9 billion, EOS is in the midfield of the potent crypto currencies.