Buy gift cards with Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Buy gift cards with Ethereum Classic (ETC) Buy gift cards with Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Pay all your purchases and services with Etherium Classic

Whoever deals with crypto currencies cannot get past Etherium Classic. The second big throw after Bitcoin brought some technical improvements and is with its technology the basis for many smaller currencies within the block chain of the Etherium network. Also with Etherium Classic you pay with Ether. Unlike the updated version of Etherium, Etherium Classic is the original version of the network created by Vitalik Buterin. Etherium Classic can not only be used to transfer or exchange crypto currencies, but also here at Coinsbee you can redeem them for gift vouchers and credit codes at no extra cost.

order books and audio books on Amazon and Bol with cryptocoins

Do you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of literature? Are you interested in fantasy or vampire novels? You can't find enough books to read and you often have two or three books on your bedside table or in your e-reader? Then you are surely familiar with amazon or Bol. In both webshops you will find a paradise of literature from all genres. Crime novels, thrillers, historical novels - you can now pay for all of this quite comfortably with Etherium Classic. All you need are the credit codes which you exchange for Etherium Classic here on Coinsbee. Don't have time to read, but still want to get stories told? Then audio books are the medium of choice for you. Amazons Audible offers you the whole world of audio books in one place. Competitor Bol also scores here with an extensive range and features popular audio book speakers with their current productions. If you decide on an audio book, you can start it directly after registering with the provider. To pay for it with EtheriuM Classic, you first exchange your crypto money for a voucher from Bol or Amazon. Bol vouchers are available between 5 and 50 Euro. Amazon vouchers even up to 100 Euro. By the way, we at Amazon also feature all worldwide marketplaces. That means if you are registered at Amazon UK, because you prefer to read your books in the English original, you can also settle your credit directly in British Pounds. More service is not possible. So if you want to shop with Ethereum Classic books, Coinsbee is your first choice for a large portfolio of vouchers and the highest acceptance of various crypto currencies.

Top up prepaid cards for mobile phone providers with Ethereum Classic

Even if you like to make phone calls or surf the internet with your smartphone, you are right at Coinsbee. Because we have the credit cards of all major mobile phone providers in our portfolio. E-Plus with its many discount brands from Simyo to Fonic to is available as well as the credit codes for prepaid cards of the competitors o2, Telekom Deutschland and Vodafone. There is no better way to top up your mobile phone credit with crypto currencies. Because here at Coinsbee we accept over 40 digital currencies as payment for vouchers and credit cards from all categories. Even if you are temporarily living abroad and have a prepaid contract in the Netherlands or Ireland, you can pay for your local mobile operator's credit with Ethereum Classic quickly, easily and conveniently. Eircom in Ireland offers credit codes with a value between 10 and 30 euros per voucher. Orange in France even offers extra money on top of the credit. If you top up for 15 euros of credit, you get 5 euros of free credit on top. this is particularly worthwhile with the highest voucher. For 100 EUR credit, orange adds another 50 EUR credit. If you pay your credit with Ethereum Classic, you may even save a few cents more. If the exchange rate, which for crypto currencies is always higher than the US dollar, is just right for the euro, you can profit from the currency fluctuations and get more value for a little less money.

Ethereum Classic - The Blockchain with the Virtual Machine

Ethereum is the crypto-currency network designed by Vitalik Buterin, on whose ERC 20 technology a large number of other digital currencies are based. In 2016, the Etherium network fell victim to an attack, as a result of which ether worth 50 million US dollars was stolen. After this incident, the block chain was split into two parts. The original strand was named Etherium Classic, while the new technically improved branch was named Etherium. Etherium Classic offers the EVM (Etherium Virtual Machine). EVM is a public network of international nodes that form the basis of the Etherium network and enable fast transfers.