Buy gift cards with GOLEM (GNT)

Buy gift cards with GOLEM (GNT)

Buy gift cards with GOLEM (GNT)

Top up your credit quickly and easily with Golem (GNT)

Purchase credit with Golem (GNT) and use it to shop in e-commerce or to top up your mobile phone - just two of many ways to make sure you can shop reliably with the credit cards on Coinsbee with crypto currencies. The process is simple and easy to understand. You select the prepaid card on Coinsbee with which you can pay at your favourite provider or shop, put it into the shopping cart and pay with the crypto currency of your choice. Within a few minutes you will have the credit card, whose code is conveniently sent to you by email.

Choose your favorite songs from over 40 million songs on Spotify and pay with Kryptocoins

Music streaming with Spotify means you can listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere, whenever and wherever you want. With over 40 million songs available, Spotify is one of the great streaming services you are guaranteed to find what you want. Whether you're listening to pop, rock, hip-hop, German rap or classical music, Spotify lets you enjoy your favorite music instantly. You can now pay for your Spotify subscription with a crypto currency such as Golem (GNT). Simply select the appropriate credit card from Spotify on Coinsbee. Pay with cryptocoins and receive the credit code immediately in your email box. You can then redeem the credit code immediately on the Spotify website. You have never paid faster and safer with crypto currencies. Try it now and choose one, three or six months Spotify credit on Coinsbee.

Large selection of credit balances, paid with crypto currencies such as Golem (GNT)

Not only credit for music streaming is available at Coinsbee. You can also buy a variety of other credit cards for major online shops and well-known services on the Internet on Coinsbee with Golem (GNT) and many other crypto currencies. Shopping fun on platforms like Zalando, Amazon and co. is guaranteed when you go out and redeem your prepaid card purchased on Coinsbee. But also payment services like PayPal, Mastercard or Visa can be used with the corresponding prepaid cards, which you can pay with crypto currencies on Coinsbee. An elegant solution for all those who are particularly interested in paying with their favourite crypto currency. You can shop almost everywhere or pay for services with Golem (GNT). Especially on the popular gaming platforms like PlayStation or Google PlayStore and even software via BOL or directly from Microsoft. You can also charge your Skype account with Golem.

The Golem (GNT) - a strong currency with which to shop

The Golem Network Token (GNT) was launched in November 2016 The idea behind this crypto currency is that users make their computing capacity available to the Golem Network and are rewarded with GNT. The computing capacities can then be sold to users who need intensive computing power and do not want to rent servers for this purpose. The target groups are scientists who want to run large computing models, programmers who want to test apps, or even companies that have a large amount of data to process. The value of the Golem (GNT) has developed extremely well. It is now 70 times its original value. The Golem Network Token can be stored in any wallet that supports ECR 20. With Coinsbee you can now shop directly in the big shops with Golem by preloading a credit card on Coinsbee, which you pay with Golem.