Buy gift cards with iExec RLC (RLC)

Buy gift cards with iExec RLC (RLC) Buy gift cards with iExec RLC (RLC)

Shopping on the Internet with IEX.EC (RLC), how does it work?

Shopping with crypto currencies on the Internet is very easy nowadays. If you had to trust that an online shop accepts payment with Bitcoin, you can now pay with cryptocurrencies at many well-known shops with the service of Coinsbee. The solution is to use vouchers. At Coinsbee you can choose from over 40 crypto currencies and order a voucher in the next step. Since the exchange rates are linked to the US dollar, Coinsbee shows you the real-time rates directly. So you can decide if you are making a good purchase with the chosen crypto currency or if you should pay with another currency. The desired voucher will be sent to you by e-mail after the purchase. This way you can redeem the voucher at the provider and order your goods there.

Pay for voice and video calls on Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype with Cryptocoins

If you make a lot of calls abroad for business or private reasons, a professional messaging service provider like Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype is worthwhile. With Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype you can send messages and files to recipients and make voice or video calls with one or more people at the same time. If you use Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype to call phone numbers at home or abroad, phone charges will be incurred. If you book this service a lot, you can reduce your costs with flat rates. To pay for these, you can now also use crypto money such as IEX.EC (RLC). Simply book the voucher for Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype via Coinsbee. Pay for it with IEX.EC (RLC) or any other of the many crypto currencies in Coinsbee's portfolio and then redeem the voucher for Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype. It's never been easier to top up your credit with crypto money.

Purchase with IEX.EC (RLC) services and goods at all major online stores

Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype is only one of many service providers for whom you can buy vouchers on Coinsbee. With IEX.EC (RLC) you can now pay at many popular platforms because you can. Top up your phone and mobile credit such as Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype, O2, E-Plus, klarmobil, T-Mobile or Vodafone with your favourite currency. But you can also shop for your games on Coinsbee credit cards with crypto money. XBOX, PlayStation, Minecraft, FIFA and Nintendo are all on board. But also popular streaming service providers like Spotify, Netflix, Deezer or Hulu can now be paid with IEX.EC (RLC) without any problems. Also the important shopping platforms like Zalando, ebay and Amazon are represented on Coinsbee. So nothing stands in the way of the next shopping pleasure, even if you want to pay with crypto currencies. You can even top up important payment cards and prepaid credit cards via Coinsbee with IEX.EC (RLC). In addition to the top dogs Mastercard and Visa, we also offer QQ or Qiwi, which you can use to take advantage of many services, especially in China - and pay securely and easily thanks to credit. Simply select the desired voucher on Coinsbee, pay with your crypto money and receive the voucher by email immediately after your purchase.

IEX.EC (RLC) - a token based on a virtual cloud for computationally intensive Internet applications

Coin IEX.EC was founded by Gille Fedak and Haiwe He in Lyon, France. The RLC token is based on Ethereum's ERC20 platform. The abbreviation RLC stands for "Run on lots of Computers" which gives us a hint about the service behind it. Because RLC is a virtual cloud based on blockchain technology. Providers can run large applications in parallel on this network and pay fees for this service, which are then reimbursed in IEX.EC (RLC). The application areas of RLC are suitable for scientific simulation, the financial sector, 3D rendering, cryptography and EDGE computing. RLC has a maximum offer of 86,999,785 RLC, of which 92% are currently in circulation.