Buy gift cards with Nano (NANO)

Buy gift cards with Nano (NANO)

Buy gift cards with Nano (NANO)

Pay your credit card with Nano (NANO)

It has never been easier to pay a credit card with Cryptocoins. Thanks to Coinsbee you can choose from a variety of credit cards and purchase them directly from our Nano (NANO) site. Within a few minutes you are able to redeem your purchased credit directly with the provider. No matter if e-commerce platform, mobile provider, gaming platform or streaming service, we have them all in our portfolio. Select your favourite service now and buy your credit card, which you pay for immediately with Nano (NANO). Finally, you can use your favorite crypto currency to reward the services you use every day. Coinsbee supports you with the selection and secure transfer of your Cryptocoins in credit.

Movies and series watch on Netflix - paid with the crypto currency Nano (NANO)

You are planning another serial marathon on Netflix. Do nothing else for a weekend but watch the next season of your favorite series? Just put your feet up and stream "House of Money", "White Lines" or "Dead to me" from your sofa until the doctor comes? Choose a movie in between and have your favourite pizza delivered to you? That sounds like a great plan. And you love the safe payment with cryptocoins? Thanks to Coinsbee, you can now pay for your Netflix subscription with Nano (NANO). Choose your Netflix credit card at 15, 25 or 40 Euros, add it to your shopping cart and pay with Nano Coins. The exchange rate will be displayed in real time, so you know exactly how much Nano (NANO) you are investing. The credit card will then be delivered to your e-mail in a few minutes. So nothing stands in the way of your Netflix marathon.

Purchase credit for popular services on Coinsbee with cryptocoins

Not only debit cards for Netflix are available in the Coinsbee portfolio. You can also buy vouchers for the big e-commerce platforms Amazon, ebay or Zalando on Coinsbee with Nano (Nano). Music streaming with Spotify, Deezer or apps from Apple's App Store and iTunes can be paid for just as easily and securely with the credit cards available from us as games from all the major providers including PlayStation Store, Xbox or Google PlayStore and much more. We also offer a wide range of payment card providers that let you shop online and in your local store. VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Skrill, WalletOne, Yandex are just a few of the powerful providers you can use with crypto currencies through Coinsbee. Now also with your favorite digital Coin Nano (NANO). Simply select credit card in the Coinsbee shop, pay with Nano (NANO) and use the selected credit on the website of the provider immediately. This way you can also top up your mobile phone credit with Coinsbee. We cooperate with all major mobile phone providers in Germany such as o2, E-Plus, Vodafone and T-Mobile but also Fonic, Simyo and Congstar to name a few.

Carry out transactions without fees - no problem with Nano (NANO)!

Nano is a very light protocol that scores with immediate transactions and has established itself as a practical payment solution. Because it is highly scalable, the protocol allows 1000 times more transactions per second than Bitcoin, you never get stuck in a queue, but can make payments in real time. Another advantage of this currency is the absence of fees. Precisely because Nano is so light-footed and each transaction can be put into a separate UDP packet, operating a node costs almost nothing, so Nano does not charge any fees on transactions. No matter how cheap or expensive the purchase with this crypto currency is. Nano, which used to be called Raiblocks, is thus one of the smaller crypto currencies that are more resource-efficient and whose use can be proven to contribute to environmental protection.