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Coinsbee bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and everyday purchases. Our platform allows you to effortlessly convert your OMG Network into tangible purchasing power through a wide range of gift cards. Using your digital assets is now easier than ever thanks to our service, which supports over 200 different cryptocurrencies. Maximize your OMG Network holdings by easily converting them into gift cards for top stores and online services, offering a simple, quick, and secure process. Our user-friendly platform and diverse catalog cater to all preferences, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience.

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We offer a diverse selection of gift cards for shopping, entertainment, and gaming, enabling your cryptocurrency to access a broad range of services, including top online marketplaces, video streaming, and gaming platforms.
Selecting the perfect gift card goes beyond the transaction and focuses on the experiences it delivers. Our platform makes converting your OMG Network to gift cards as simple and flexible as the digital currency itself, with a commitment to variety that keeps our catalog full of fresh and exciting brands, bringing you the very best options out there.

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Expand payment options with Omisego (OMG)

Crypto currencies such as Omisego (OMG) are increasingly gaining acceptance. However, we are still far from being able to pay with any crypto currency on platforms like Amazon. Coinsbee helps you to pay with crypto currencies at your favourite shop. Because on Coinsbee you get a lot of coupons that you can order with one click. Big players from the e-commerce industry are on board as well as mobile phone service providers, gaming stores or payment card providers. The advantage is obvious: Payment with crypto money is secure and payment with a credit card does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about sensitive data of the buyer.

Pay with paysafecard with Omisego (OMG)

The Austrian payment service paysafecard has become an established means of payment over the years. At various points of sale you could purchase paysafecard credit codes directly and enter them online before purchasing. It is now also possible to generate credit cards directly on the company's website. Why not top up this credit with Omisego? Like many other digital currencies, you can convert crypto money (OMG) on Coinsbee directly into a credit on paysafecard. Paysafe can be used in over 40 countries. paysafecard is particularly strong in the gaming and social media sector. For example, you can pay with paysafecard on PlayStation, Steam and League of Legends. But also your bills on Facebook or Skype can be paid with paysafecard. Coinsbee sells you credit for paysafecard, which you can pay for with crypto money like Omisego (OMG). Take the plunge right now and secure your credit on paysafecard, paid with cryptocoins.

How to shop online with Omisego (OMG)

OMG is not only the abbreviation for the popular exclamation "Oh My Gosh" (especially in the gamer scene), but also stands for the crypto currency Omisego. The network currency can be exchanged here on Coinsbee into numerous attractive coupons, with which one can activate a credit with the appropriate providers. If you like shopping online, you can happily shop at Amazon, Zalando and co. and pay with OMG. But also streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and Deezer can be paid with a credit purchased here on Coinsbee. Mobile credit at o2, Vodafone, E-Plus and Telekom Deutschland can be used immediately after uploading. Just choose your desired credit amount, pay with Omisego and activate the voucher code you received by e-mail with the service provider. Even if you like to play online games and invest money in subscriptions, loots and new skins for gambling, it makes sense to buy credit on Coinsbee with OMG and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monaco.

Omisego (OMG) - a coin from South East Asia

OmiseGo (OMG) is a crypto-currency, which is a decentralized and universal payment system based on the public block chain of Ethereum. The OmiseGo crypto currency is operated by its parent company Omise, a company that enables cross-border payments in Southeast Asia, and OmiseGO's stated goal is to provide better financial services for everyone, both for people who use traditional banking services and for people in developing countries and regions that lack traditional banking infrastructure. The OMG token was Ethereum's first coin offering, reaching a market capitalization of more than $1 billion in August 2017. OmiseGO was launched in 2017 by Jun Hasegawa and Donnie Harinsut, the founders of Omise. OMG's first coin offering in 2017 raised over $25 million. OmiseGO's consultants include the co-founders of Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood.