Buy gift cards with Polymath (POLY)

Buy gift cards with Polymath (POLY) Buy gift cards with Polymath (POLY)

top up credit card with POLY

Anyone who deals with the world of alternative currencies, the so-called crypto-currencies, has the desire to be able to pay for everyday services with these. The acceptance of crypto-currencies as a means of payment, especially in the mainstream, however, is negligible. Coinsbee changes this and offers you the possibility to turn your cryptocoins like Poly into credits. With the credit you can then immediately make various purchases or use services by redeeming your credit in their respective shops. You can not only top up your mobile phone credit or pay for your game subscriptions in the Gaming Store. Also payment service providers like PayPal or shopping platforms like Amazon accept vouchers that you have bought on Coinsbee.

Use Ortel Mobile with POLY

The Dutch mobile phone provider Ortel is one of the largest prepaid providers on the European continent, according to its own statements. Accordingly, Ortel's rates for mobile networks in neighbouring countries are very attractive. As a prepaid provider, Ortel offers the possibility of topping up your SIM card in advance and then deducts the cost of the basic fee and other payments due from your credit every month. This way, Ortel gives you complete control over your mobile phone expenses. Now you can even pay your credit with cryptocoins such as Poly or Bitcoin. We offer vouchers for between 10 and 30 euros. Choose the credit that suits you and pay for it with Poly or another token that you have stored in your Ethereum Wallet. This not only gives you the flexibility to choose your payment method for Ortel Mobile, but you can also choose from other vouchers.

Pay on the network with POLY

To top up your monthly prepaid credit on your SIM card with POLY is a great thing. Added to this is the large selection of participating mobile phone providers. Almost all service providers and mobile phone discounters are involved when it comes to exchanging crypto currencies for prepaid cards here on Coinsbee. E-Plus and o2, Vodafone and Telekom Deutschland, to name but a few. But also credits for console games such as XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii can be booked quickly and easily. Further credit cards on Coinsbee are available for the shopping area. The classic Amazon voucher is available as well as credits for the fashion platform Zalando or the auction house ebay. The maximum flexibility when paying with Poly and other coin currencies is achieved by using the numerous payment service providers that accept credit cards sold through Coinsbee. If you use a prepaid Mastercard or a prepaid credit card from Visa, you can buy credit codes via Coinsbee to top up your credit card. The highlight: You can choose from a total of 6 currencies. So don't just exchange Poly for Euros, but also recharge US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, yen or Hong Kong dollars. This is especially interesting if you are planning to travel to one of these countries and have the right currency at the start.

Polymath (POLY) - a block chain protocol

Polymath is a protocol that facilitates primary output and restricts secondary trading of block chain security tokens. It uses a block chain-based protocol to coordinate participants and create incentives for cooperation and introduction of financial products in the block chain. A standard token protocol is created that embeds defined requirements in the tokens themselves. These tokens are bought and traded among verified participants.