Buy gift cards with Powerledger (POWR)

Buy gift cards with Powerledger (POWR) Buy gift cards with Powerledger (POWR)

How you can pay with Power Ledger (POWR) on all major platforms

The Power Ledger (POWR) is one of many crypto-currencies created in the past years. The innovative block chain technology provides us with a secure means of payment that can increasingly be used for purchases and payment for services on regular and well-known platforms. To enable you to pay with POWR, you can redeem your crypto money on Coinsbee for vouchers or credit cards from participating providers. This way you are able to pay your Netflix subscription with POWR in no time at all or order fashion from Zalando without having to convert your virtual money into US dollars or Euros first.

Use Power Ledger to pay the subscription at Deezer

When it comes to streaming music, the French company Deezer is one of the biggest players next to market leader Spotify. At Deezer you can choose your favorite songs from a pool of about 56 million titles. While the basic version of Deezer is free, you pay a monthly fee for the ad-free subscription. With the Deezer vouchers available on Coinsbee, you can also pay for your Deezer subscription with crypto money. Because at Coinsbee we accept over 40 crypto currencies as payment method. So that you don't have to do the conversion yourself, we always show you the current exchange rate for the selected token, which is linked to the US dollar. So you are always in the picture whether you have caught a good exchange rate or should wait with your payment. Because you can use the currency fluctuations to your advantage and with a little luck even save a few cents when buying your credit for Deezer.

What else is payable with Power Ledger (POWR) in the network

However, your ears do not only ring when you go shopping with Power Ledger in the net. In addition to credit for all major streaming providers (Deezer, Spotify, Netflix), prepaid credit for mobile, e-commerce and financial transaction tools can also be purchased with Power Ledger. Pillage your wallet now and exchange your coins and tokens like the Power Ledger (POWR) for vouchers for your next shopping trip on Amazon, ebay or Zalando. Top up your mobile phone credit with the prepaid tariffs of Vodafone, o2, Telekom Deutschland or E-Plus. Or forget your boredom with your favourite games on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo, for which you can buy all kinds of additional expansions and features with crypto money such as the Power Ledger. All you need to do is take the intermediate step of purchasing credit cards for the platform you wish to pay for with crypto money. Here on Coinsbee that's no problem at all.

Power Ledger (POWR) - decentralized trading platform for energy assets

The Power Ledger is based on the Australian energy trading platform of the same name. Trades and assets can be executed on it in various global energy markets. Power Ledger was founded in Australia in 2016 and is based in Perth. The financing round in September 2017 raised 17 million Australian dollars.