Buy gift cards with Qtum (QTUM)

Buy gift cards with Qtum (QTUM) Buy gift cards with Qtum (QTUM)

Profit from blockchain technology on your next purchase - pay with Qtum

Qtum Ignition is one of over 40 crypto currencies with which you can purchase credits on Coinsbee. It has never been easier to buy with crypto money on regular big platforms like Amazon. Thanks to prepaid cards, this is now really no longer a problem and you don't have to give up paying with Qtum. The first step is to choose the right voucher on Coinsbee. Then you initiate the transaction. Coinsbee shows you the exchange rates for Qtum in real-time. So you are always informed if the currency is stable at the moment. Because of the peg to the US dollar, there can be minimal fluctuations, and with a little luck you can save a few cents on your purchase.

Pay anonymously with Qtum at Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium

You know the payment service provider Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium mainly from the gaming sector. Many online games, betting providers and casinos offer the deposit or payment of content with Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium. Until now, however, it has not been possible to use Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium to pay with digital crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Qtum or Nano. Therefore the offer of Coinsbee is terrific. Because on our platform you exchange your cryptocoins like Qtum for credits for Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium. This allows you to pay immediately with the major providers such as bwin or BigPoint. But you can also pay for horse racing, poker or football bets with crypto currencies in this way. If you've got gaming fever, you don't have to wait long before you can start. Immediately after you have bought your credit card for Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium, it will be sent to you by e-mail. You can then activate the code directly on the Ticket%2BPremium-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Ticket Premium website.

What you can buy on the internet with Qtum

The bandwidth for paying with alternative currencies on the platforms of the major online shops is constantly increasing. Meanwhile there are enough solutions how to transfer your crypto money into real items. Here at Coinsbee you can choose from over 40 digital currencies to purchase a voucher. Pay with Qtum, Bitcoin or Mithril - just as you like. It has never been easier to use your Cryptocoins to pay for services. For example, for a cosy evening in front of the TV with your favourite series on Netflix or for music streams on Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify. Book your phone credit on Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype with Qtum or choose a gift voucher for Virgin Experience Days. Coinsbee also carries recharge codes from various mobile operators and mobile discounters. Choose the provider that suits you, search for the desired credit amount in the drop-down menu and benefit from real-time payment with Qtum from your wallet.

Qtum - a hybrid platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies

The crypto currency Qtum was launched in March 2017 and in the first capitalisation round the currency reached a value of US$ 15 million. Qtum is a distributed application platform developed as a hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. Qtum's platform enables the development and use of distributed applications and intelligent contracts. These apps work on mobile devices and are compatible with most major block chain ecosystems. Intelligent contracting on the Qtum platform can be done using multiple programming languages supported by the Qtum 86 virtual machine. The Qtum platform uses its own Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP), which allows block chain settings to be changed.