Buy gift cards with SALT (SALT)

Buy gift cards with SALT (SALT)

Buy gift cards with SALT (SALT)

Pay Amazon with salt? No problem with SALT!

Digital currencies from block chain technology are increasingly on everyone's lips. In recent years, more and more new crypto currencies have been introduced to the market. In addition to the well-known Bitcoin and the Ethereum Wallet, there are a large number of crypto currencies with which you can also go shopping online. The service provider Coinsbee turns your digital money into a genuine voucher code for the e-commerce platform of your choice. Simply select the voucher, add it to your shopping cart, pay with SALT and you're done. You will receive your voucher immediately after successful payment by e-mail.

Buy Experience Vouchers at Virgin Experience Days with SALT

Do you like going to Great Britain? And would you like to experience something real during your travels? From wine tasting in an old castle, to a behind-the-scenes visit to the Silverstone Formula 1 race track, to a flight in a Cessna over Stonehenge, the Virgin Experience Days platform offers many unusual experience vouchers especially for Great Britain. Book the experience of your choice - give a voucher for a friend's birthday or book something for the whole family. With a voucher purchased on Coinsbee, you can quickly realise your plans and even buy with crypto currencies like SALT. Go to the "E-Commerce" section on Coinsbee. Click on the Virgin Experience Days logo there. Then select your desired voucher amount from the drop-down menu on the page and add it to your shopping cart. Now you can pay for the voucher with SALT or any of the over 40 other crypto currencies accepted on Coinsbee. The voucher for the Virgin Experience Days is then immediately available to you digitally.

More than just a unique adventure: Pay online with SALT

Anyone who wants to pay with crypto-currencies like SALT should of course not forget the aspect of security. Coinsbee is a trustworthy provider who converts your crypto money into vouchers. And not only for experience vouchers like the Virgin Experience Days, but also for many other providers from the mobile phone, payment services, e-commerce and games sectors. Major e-commerce brands like Amazon, ebay or Zalando sell their vouchers and gift credits on Coinsbee as well as PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. Particularly interesting, however, are also the providers specialising in other markets, such as Eircom from Ireland or Orange from France in the mobile phone sector. Their credit cards can be purchased with SALT and other digital currencies as well as QQ, WeChat Pay or Qiwi in the area of payment service providers in the Chinese/ Asian market. For those who regularly travel to these countries or transfer money there, this option of converting SALT into Euro credit is an attractive solution.

SALT - the modern way to grant credit

SALT is a credit platform for block-chain-supported loans. It enables members to receive money. The user deposits Bitcoin as security for the credit. In this way, loans are granted quickly and securely without a credit check and without prepayment fees. By the way, SALT means Secure Automated Lending Technology.