Buy gift cards with TenX (PAY)

Buy gift cards with TenX (PAY) Buy gift cards with TenX (PAY)

Pay for services with Tenxpay (PAY) - that's how it is possible

Crypto currencies such as Tenxpay (PAY) have long since become attractive means of payment. Although the very big breakthrough of the block chain is still to come, many experts agree that crypto currencies will play a major role in the payment of goods and services in the future. Thanks to Coinsbee, however, you can already shop with crypto money today. And that even where tokens are not yet accepted at all. Coinsbee sells vouchers and credit cards for almost all major online shops, mobile phone service providers and payment providers. You simply log in to Coinsbee, browse through the wide range of vouchers for the one that suits you best and put it in your shopping cart. Now confirm the payment with Tenxpay (PAY) and the voucher code will be sent to your email address.

Top up with Tenxpay (PAY) credit at QQ

Anyone who travels a lot in China or buys services on Chinese websites will quickly notice that the services popular in China have different names than those popular in Europe. QQ is one of them. The instant messenger service established by Tencent has a payment function, the QQ Wallet. Here you can recharge Yuan directly. This is very convenient if you travel a lot in China, where wallet payment on your mobile phone has become the preferred payment method. Thanks to Coinsbee you can also load crypto currencies directly onto your QQ Wallet. To do this, you buy a corresponding credit card from Coinsbee with your crypto money such as Tenxpay (PAY) and then use the credit code to store it in the QQ Wallet. It's easy to transfer crypto currencies into CNY at a reasonable exchange rate, which you can follow in real time on Coinsbee's website.

Use Tenxpay (PAY) to shop and pay on the Internet

The possibility to charge Chinese payment service providers on the Internet with crypto currencies is very good but also quite special. There are many more examples of how you can use Coinsbee for yourself. In the field of payment providers it is the almost complete transformation of crypto currencies into Euro or US Dollar. Especially for those who don't offer their own interface for uploading for example Bitcoin. With the chosen voucher for PayPal, which you paid for with Tenxpay, the PayPal buyer protection is guaranteed. But also credit card transactions via the major providers such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express are suddenly child's play with a credit top-up via a voucher booked on Coinsbee. Other areas for topping up credit with Tenxpay (PAY) and other digital currencies (over 40 can be used on Coinsbee) are gaming (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo), e-commerce (Zalando, Amazon) and prepaid mobile (E-Plus, Vodafone, Telekom Deutschland).

Tenxpay (PAY) is a payment solution

Buy, sell and pay with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies - that is the business of Tenx. The app manages your funds and offers, among other things, your own Visa credit card with which you can spend your crypto money in online shops or in real retail stores. The name Tenx stands for tenfold growth (10 x). In 2016, Tenx was a participant of the PayPal Incubator and was strongly supported by this payment company.