Buy gift cards with TRON (TRX)

Buy gift cards with TRON (TRX) Buy gift cards with TRON (TRX)

Tron (TRX) to make purchases with credit codes

Each crypto currency has its own specification. However, they all have one thing in common: they can also be used to pay for goods and services outside the block chain. So you can also use the Tron (TRX) to pay for things you bought on ebay. Or order the latest fashion on Zalando and pay with the credit generated from Tron. But you can also shop this way at Amazon and many other webshops. You just exchange your Tron for credit cards or recharge codes here at Coinsbee. These codes are then stored in the backend of the respective shop and activate the credit. It couldn't be easier to use credit from crypto currencies when shopping. Through the "trick" with the credit cards you gain flexibility when using crypto currencies.

Pay for gaming subscriptions with Tron (TRX)

World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and Star Craft are some of the classic games from Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment's network of retail stores on offers all kinds of editions, player passes, and lootboxes. You can also pay for the necessary subscriptions, for example for World of Warcraft, using credit codes. This way you'll soon have your gaming PC or console glowing again. Ideal for a long weekend or a Players Night. If you're a gamer with heart and soul, you have different devices on which you play your favorite games anyway. Then it's good to know that you can of course also purchase credits for other platforms with Tron and over 40 other crypto currencies on Coinsbee. The full range of PlayStation Plus Network and PlayStation Store offers are included, as is the Nintendo eShop. The Xbox Live multiplayer network is also available with credits purchased on Coinsbee. With Xbox Play Anywhere you even get the best of both worlds. Play on Xbox and on your Windows 10 PC at no extra cost. It's a great way to balance everything and get the most out of your saved TRX crypto money by investing it in your gaming activities.

Purchase phone credit with Tron (TRX) and use data flat rates

Whoever makes a lot of calls abroad knows the offers of Lebara or Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype very well. Both providers have exciting and above all low-cost payment offers for cosmopolitans in their portfolio who want to keep in regular contact with their friends and relatives in other countries. Not only in Europe, but also worldwide. For example, with Skype-bitcoin" class="font-weight-bold text-dark">Skype Credit you can make calls directly to mobile phones in Costa Rica. And all at prices that don't mean you have to pull up your breadbox at the end of the month. With Lebara you can make calls and surf the web, especially within the EU, at great prices. So it's worth buying a prepaid card from Lebara even when you're on holiday. For example, when staying on the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands. Once activated, the card is valid for up to three months without reloading. If your stay lasts longer you can simply top up with crypto money on Coinsbee. To do this, select the desired credit and pay with Tron. So that you don't have to print out anything, the credit code will be sent to you electronically. This not only saves you money, but also avoids wasting resources. Which in turn is good for our environment.

Tron (TRX) - payment means and user platform

Tron (TRX) is the official currency of the Tron Foundation Ltd. from Singapore The crypto currency was put into circulation by its founder Justin Sun in 2017. In the beginning the Tron was based on the ERC 20 protocol of Ethereum. In 2018, a token swap was completed and the block chain switched to a self-developed peer-to-peer network. Tron largely dispenses with transaction fees and is able to perform about 2000 transactions per second simultaneously. Only a minimal fee to prevent DDos attacks that could be executed in the Tron network is charged by the Tron Foundation. Similar to EOS IO, Tron provides a user environment on which software can be executed.