Buy gift cards with WINGS DAO (WINGS)

Buy gift cards with WINGS DAO (WINGS)

Buy gift cards with WINGS DAO (WINGS)

Use Wings Dao (WINGS) to pay online

As a convinced supporter of crypto currencies you ask yourself why many shops do not accept the different digital currencies from the block chain as normal means of payment. If at all then mostly only Bitcoin. Coinsbee provides a remedy. Because the platform sells digital credit cards that can be paid with over 30 different crypto currencies. The purchase is very easy and can be carried out within a very short time. All you need is your wallet with the digital currency (in this case Wings Dao) and an idea for which platform you want to use your credit. Then select the voucher, pay for it in the shopping cart with your crypto money and then check your email inbox. There you will immediately receive the credit code for the platform you want to use it for as an email. And then you can pay for products, goods or services with your purchased credit. Coinsbee's partners are all major marketplaces, gaming platforms and important payment service providers.

Shopping at Zalando with crypto currencies

Are you a real fashion victim and do you love to not only follow the latest fashion trends but also to own them? Stylish shirts, trendy accessories, exciting dresses and lots of shoes, shoes, shoes? At Zalando you get all the things you can't get enough of delivered free of charge. Order, try and pay only what you really want to wear. Pay your fashion bargains in the future with crypto money like Wings Dao. Just load a Zalando voucher with Wings Dao on Coinsbee, enter the code at Zalando - done. You have rarely shopped more safely. Of course you can also use other tokens to purchase Zalando vouchers. On Coinsbee you have the possibility to choose from over thirty digital currencies to buy vouchers.

How you can pay with Wings Dao at many big online shops - from A like Amazon to Z like Zalando

Just load your mobile phone credit onto your prepaid card and pay with crypto money? Buy the gaming subscriptions and accessories for PlayStation and use Wings Dao to buy them? No problem at all with Coinsbee! We don't just offer vouchers for Zalando. Benefit from a wide range of credit cards for online shops, e-commerce platforms, mobile phone credits, gaming stores and payment services. Turn your Kryptocoins into credits for Netflix, Amazon, Apple iTunes, Hulu, ebay or Crunchyroll. Thanks to Coinsbee, there is hardly a product or service that you could not pay for with a crypto currency. Whatever you want to buy with Wings Dao Choose your voucher here at Coinsbee now and turn your digital money into credit.

Wings Dao - a coin to finance new projects on the Wings platform

The Russian Wings Dao was created in 2018. The aim of the crypto currency based on Ethereum is to help people to realize their projects. Similar to a crowdfunding, people can finance their projects on the Wings platform. In return, investors receive shares in the form of Wings Coins. These shares give them the right to participate in future profits of the project and also allow them to participate in decisions concerning the project. In this way, a very democratic and lively platform for the realization of new projects that can be financed is created. The resulting Wings Dao can be purchased and traded via Ethereum and similar platforms.