Buy gift cards with XRP (XRP)

Buy gift cards with XRP (XRP) Buy gift cards with XRP (XRP)

Go on a shopping spree with the crypto-currency XRP on the net

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, digital currencies are unstoppable. Although crypto-currencies are not yet officially recognized as a currency form in its own right, they are still justified. Not least, this is proven by the sometimes fantastic sums that the market capitalization, i.e. the first issue of a coin, has brought. Also XRP does not have to hide behind Bitcoin and Ether. Thanks to Coinsbee's innovative solution, you can now use XRP to shop where you didn't know it before. As part of the Ripple System, XRP is not yet so popular in the world of goods, where Bitcoin is the leader. But you can convert XRP to Euro and pay with XRP in many stores and online shops via the intermediate step of the credit card. Especially if you are a gamer and like to play browser games or console games, this is a benefit for you. If you like to stream movies online and have subscribed to your favourite music in a streaming service, Coinsbee creates added value for you. Because now you can pay all your favourite platforms with money you generated from XRP.

XRP to pay for browser games and game subscriptions

Facebook Gamecards offers the big world of browser games. Hairdress the virtual pony for breakfast. Check the digital farm during your lunch break, or go into an excessive battle to defeat your opponent. The world of browser games is as diverse as life itself. All the more ingenious that you can now feed your favourite games with XRP. Every time you buy new coins or points for your game to exchange for new items or features, you can also buy your credit with XRP or any of the over 40 crypto currencies accepted on Coinsbee. Facebook Gamecards is one of the verified partners for which credit codes are available here on Coinsbee. But also the big platforms of the console game manufacturers have long since accepted credit cards and gift certificates as a means of payment. So much the better that you can now also pay for them with XRP and other Cryptocoins via Coinsbee. Your subscription on PlayStation Plus, your purchases on PlayStation Network, the offers of Xbox One and Xbox Live, as well as the Nintendo platform with its offers for the Nintendo Wii are payable by credit generated on Coinsbee, also with XRP.

Subscribe to gaming platforms with XRP

In addition to the big platforms for console games, there are of course also many possibilities for users of gaming PCs to play their favorite games on the net. Ultra-fast performance, high-resolution graphics, who invests will get the best out of his computer. The game developers always bring new offers on the market, the existing game classics always gain new aspects, which never let these games appear boring. So why not break new ground with League of Legends or Runescape and pay with crypto money? Quickly and easily convert your XRP into a credit for one of these games and benefit from your saved XRP in your favorite PC game. Do you enjoy building your own imaginative worlds on Minecraft? You can also buy Minecoins with crypto money here at Coinsbee. You can buy up to 3500 Minecoins in one go. There are no limits to what you can buy. You can buy as many credit codes as you can pay with XRP. Of course, here too, supply regulates demand. We always keep the availability high, but if there is a shortage, don't be sad, come back tomorrow and book your credit. Whether in-game purchases or new games for all consoles: the gaming platform eneba has them all on offer. There you can also top up your credit with a voucher, solved with XRP, and get hold of accessories.

XRP the currency of the Ripple Network

Unlike digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether, the currency of the Ripple System XRP created in 2012 is linked to a profit-oriented company, Ripple Labs (formerly Opencoin). The company initially generated 100 billion XRP, of which it transferred 55 billion XRP to the Ripple Network community. Unlike other currencies, XRP does not allow for the creation of value through mining. The money supply is therefore fixed from the outset. The main objective of XRP is to function as a bridge currency in trading with other currencies. Large banks such as the Santander Group already use XRP, according to their own statements, to be able to realise cross-border transactions through the block chain. The advantage: while a normal SWIFT transfer often takes several days, the booking in the Ripple network is completed within a few seconds. This significantly minimizes the exchange rate risk and makes transfers between currencies via the Ripple Network much more stable. Since the Ripple protocol is an open standard, any existing payment system can be connected to Ripple. XRP is managed with Ripple's own wallet. Meanwhile, there are more unofficial clients circulating in the network, with which XRP can be stored and transferred on the own computer.