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Buy Games with Bitcoin or other Cryptos


Use Bitcoin to play the best games on any platform!

Do you love gaming? Do you have a passion for cryptocurrencies? Do you want to buy games with bitcoin or other cryptos? If you do, then you’re going to love the fact that you can now buy games with cryptos from us. We offer a wide variety of gift cards that can be purchased using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Where to Buy Games with Crypto?

Maybe you are looking for a new PS4 or PS5 game? Or maybe you want to buy Origin games with bitcoin? Or maybe you just want to buy Steam with bitcoin and get access to even more games. Or maybe you just want to buy Valorant gift card with bitcoin for a friend who loves multiplayer video games. Whatever your reason is, we have what you need.

We have stock of all your favorite games and platforms. You can buy gift cards for the games you like to play online, offline, or on mobile platforms. Be it for your kids, friends, or for yourself; we will help you get them today!

Games that Use Crypto

We offer a simple way for you to buy games with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos through gift cards from popular services such as Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Google Play - all in one place!

You can use the gift card on the respective platform to buy and download full games or downloadable content (DLC) for games you already own. You can also use gift cards to buy game credits from PUBG, Fortnite and Roblox, and other games. We ensure the security of all transactions so that you can enjoy a safe experience while buying gift cards that you can use to buy games in a variety of ways.

How to Buy Games with Crypto?

If you don't have an account on our platform, don't worry, as you don't need one for virtually every purchase. Just provide the necessary information and complete any verification steps if required.

  1. Select a Gift Card: Choose the game gift card you want to purchase. Make sure to check the value of the card and ensure it's compatible with the game store or platform you plan to use it on.
  2. Add to Cart & Proceed to Checkout: Add the selected gift card to your cart, and go to the checkout page to review your order.
  3. Choose Cryptocurrency Payment: During the checkout process, select the cryptocurrency payment option. Our platform will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Our platform will generate a unique cryptocurrency wallet address for your transaction. This address is where you'll need to send the required amount of cryptocurrency.
  4. Initiate Cryptocurrency Transfer: Open your cryptocurrency wallet and initiate a transaction to the provided payment address. Ensure you send the correct amount and double-check the wallet address to avoid mistakes.
  5. Cryptocurrency transactions require confirmations on the blockchain network. Wait until the required number of confirmations is reached.
  6. Receive Gift Card Code: Once the transaction is confirmed, our platform will provide you with the gift card code via email.
  7. Redeem the Gift Card: Visit the game store or platform for which you bought the gift card and follow their instructions to redeem it. This might involve entering the gift card code during the checkout process.
  8. Purchase Games: With the gift card balance applied, you can now use it to buy games and other digital content on the chosen game store or platform.
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