Frequently Asked Questions offers digital gift cards and recharges that can be purchased worldwide using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. Using Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology, we provide a secure and private user experience with fast digital delivery anywhere in the world. You just have to enter an e-mail address to get the voucher card.

Choose the product, the face value, the preferred crypto currency for payment and pay with your preferred wallet. You will usually receive a confirmation email with your voucher card code within 1 to 15 minutes.

Some gift cards are valid worldwide, others regional, others country specific or currency specific. You should always check the website and conditions of the issuing company before purchasing. If you are not sure if a voucher works for you, contact our Customer Service.

No, this is only necessary for certain limits.

From an amount of 1.000€ we are obliged to request the personal data.
From a payment of more than 10.000€ per day a verification by identity card is necessary.
From a payment of more than 15.000€ is one is a verification by identity card and an address comparison necessary.

For the verification with the identity card as well as the address verification an account on Coinsbee is necessary to upload the required documents. After uploading, our team will check the documents within 24h and will activate the limits after positive verification. If you want a higher limit and have problems with the verification, please contact our support team by email.
Incorrect entry of data or documents can lead to a block for subsequent purchases. It can also lead to the purchase not being processed.

We are always trying to get all items, which we offer as soon as possible back in stock.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes until the payment is confirmed by our payment provider. Please also check your spam folder.

"Confirming" means that the transaction has been recognized, but is still waiting for confirmation of the payment by the network.

Once you see this status, you do not need to do anything else. You can close the invoice and wait until you receive your order by e-mail. This is done automatically once the network has confirmed the payment.

The duration of the confirmation depends on the transaction fee and the network load. Usually transactions are confirmed within an hour, but in rare cases it can take up to several hours or even days if the transaction fee is too low.

This can happen for various reasons:
- You have used an online wallet, such as
- You have made a withdrawal from a stock exchange such as Poloniex or Bitstamp
- You have used another third party to send your transaction

If this is the case, please allow the payment some time to appear. Such providers may delay the transaction so that they cannot be displayed directly.

If the invoice has already expired and your transaction does not appear on the invoice, please contact the support of our payment provider for a refund:

If your Wallet supports Lightning Network transactions, you can do so.
If not, we recommend using Eclair wallet.
Alternatively you can select any wallet from this list of Lightning capable wallets.

We do not recommend sending transactions from online wallets because transactions from these wallets are often sent with a long delay or fees are deducted from the amount sent. As a result, these transactions will arrive late (if the invoice has already expired) or the invoice will not be paid in full.
Therefore we recommend to use one of many open source wallets, where the sender has control over the exact amount and the time of sending.

Sometimes it is just a confusion of certain letters and numbers. Here are a few suggestions to check if you enter the code correctly:

number 0 - try the letter O, Q or D instead
number 1 - try the letter I instead
letter O - try the letter D or the number 0 instead
letter B - try the number 8
letter G - try the number 6

Sometimes there are problems with some browsers. So please try another browser and disable plugins like ad blocker, javascript blocker etc. in any case. If these hints do not help, try another device. Sometimes there are problems due to high traffic, then try again later.

Unfortunately we cannot take back purchased vouchers. If you have problems redeeming the voucher, we try to help you. Please write a support ticket.

The fastest way to get a refund is to write a support ticket to our payment provider. They will arrange for a refund.

Then please create a support ticket or write an e-mail to

We usually respond within a few hours, but please give us up to 24 hours. Our regular working hours are 8.00 to 20.00 hours (CET) on weekdays. If you have created a support ticket, you do not need to try to contact us through social media or otherwise. This may cause delays in the process. We will try to process the requests as soon as possible.