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Buy a Swiggy gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero or one of over 200 other cryptocurrencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email.

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At Swiggy, you'll find food, products, and services that redefine India's food ordering and delivery space. This restaurant chain has the unique privilege of serving its clients throughout the country. It aims to provide solutions that encourage healthier, reliable, and affordable ways of eating. 

With the love and support from its satisfied customers, this company has expanded, and it is India's leading food ordering and delivery platform. Swiggy allows its clients to order from their favorite restaurants without restrictions on order value. It is also easy to track your order through the Swiggy mobile app. 

Besides that, you can get your family members or close friends a Swiggy gift card to allow them to order their favorite meals. Buy Swigggy gift cards with crypto from Coinsbee.com, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform for gift cards. 


How to Redeem Your Swiggy Gift Cards? 

Purchase the gift cards from Coinsbee and get a voucher code sent to your email. Log in to your Swiggy account and click on 'Swiggy Money. Provide the needed KYC details to activate the 'Swiggy Wallet'. Enter the code and click 'Finish' after activating the wallet. 

When Do Swiggy Gift Cards Expire? 

Your gift card voucher stays valid for two months after the purchase date. However, once you load it into your Swiggy wallet, the amount cannot expire. 

What Can You Use the Swiggy Gift Cards For? 

The gift cards, once redeemed, are valid for making food orders at the online store, and the amount covers taxes, delivery charges, and packing charges. 

1.This is a Swiggy Money code issued by their banking partner and would be accepted on the account section on the Swiggy App
2.This Swiggy Money code is issued by their banking partner to add money to Swiggy wallet powered by their banking partner
3.The person who has the Swiggy Money Code is deemed to be the beneficiary.
4.Use of money in Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner will be subject to terms and conditions available at- gftr.it/swiggy 
5.Once the amount is loaded to Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner, the amount cannot be expired
6.The amount in Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner can only be used on food orders and Instamart on the Platform.
7.The amount cannot be taken out/transferred from Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner
8.The amount can be used on multiple transactions
9.The amount covers taxes, packing charges, delivery fee
10.For users having the Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner account already activated the amount will be uploaded in the wallet once these Swiggy Money Codes are redeemed by the end user in the Swiggy app.
11.Users not having the Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner account need to login to the Swiggy app and create the Swiggy account to use these Swiggy Money Codes.
12.Users will need to perform a onetime verification before utilizing the Swiggy Wallet powered by their banking partner by filling the KYC (Know Your Customer details), if not already done
13.For any queries / issues related to GV / GC, raise a request at gvhelpdesk.com