How CoinsBee Works: Buying Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency

Follow these simple steps to pay for a huge variety of goods and services using your cryptocurrencies.

Top up your mobile phone account, play your favorite games, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, and also buy almost any goods. Can be for example your weekly toilet paper or your next personal computer.

1. Choose your product

Select the product or service you want. We support over 3,266 brands in over 190 countries worldwide.

Please make sure that the desired product or service is supported in your country.

How to buy Gift Cards - Step 1

2. Select your gift card amount and cryptocurrency

After that, select the gift card amount you want, your country and the cryptocurrency you want to use for payment.

For Payment you can select one of 100 different cryptocurrencies.

How to buy Gift Cards - Step 2

3. Pay with your crypto

After that, go to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Check the boxes to agree to our terms and conditions and click on "buy now with cryptocurrencies ".

Enter your email and then Scan the QR code or send the amount to the address on the payment page. Please also make sure that the payment terms suit you.

How to buy Gift Cards - Step 3

4. Get your gift card

The voucher code will be sent to you via e-mail immediately after payment. The voucher code is valid immediately and can be redeemed. For some products we send you a link to the giftcard code.

Please check also your Spam folder in your email account if you don’t see our email.

How to buy Gift Cards - Step 4

More Questions

If you have more questions you will find the answers on our FAQ-Site. If not you can contact our support team.