37th Street 礼品卡

使用比特币、莱特币、门罗币或超过200种其他加密货币之一购买37th Street礼品卡。支付后,您将立即通过电子邮件收到兑换码。




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37th Street 是一家越南美食餐厅,以实惠的价格提供各种传统越南菜肴。该餐厅的创建旨在提供具有现代风味的地道用餐体验。气氛舒适而悠闲,让您可以尽情享用美食而不会被赶出去。

您现在可以从我们这里购买带有加密货币的 37th Street 礼品卡。它们有多种面额,您可以选择最适合您需要的面额。

我们接受比特币、莱特币、以太币、比特币现金、瑞波币和 100 多种其他加密货币。我们也接受所有主要的信用卡。我们将向您发送一封包含礼品卡代码的电子邮件,您可以在 37 街餐厅兑换该代码。


如何兑换 37th Street 礼品卡?

您可以在结账时向收银员出示您的 37th Street 礼品卡以在店内兑换。如果您的礼品卡上显示的金额与您购买的金额有差异,您必须使用其他付款方式支付余额。

37th Street 礼品卡什么时候过期?

37th Street 礼品卡在购买三个月后过期。

您可以使用 37th Street 礼品卡做什么?

您可以使用 37th Street 礼品卡直接从餐厅购买任何食品和饮料。

37th Street VND

Voucher is used at appointed address of 37th Street. For more details, please check “Location” section.Able to combine multiple vouchers in the same bill; Voucher may not be resold. Cash refunds are not permitted. Voucher may not be redeemed for cash under any circumstances. If purchase amount exceeds the value of E-Gift Voucher, the balance amount shall be paid by the voucher holder.Voucher is valid in conjunction with other promotions.eGift does not apply points, accumulate The Golden Spoon wallet (Customers can still use eGift in The Golden Spoon wallet).Only accept eGift with QR code/ Barcode. Do not accept copies of eGift in any form (photocopies, images, scans, etc.)For individuals and groups who buy/sell vouchers illegally, they will not be able to use eGift and will not be able to issue invoices at the restaurant.Voucher is valid for single use only. Vouchers that have been altered or expired or used will not be accepted.Link Voucher must be presented at the time of purchase.Please check the Expiry Date indicated on the Voucher carefully. Vouchers are the sole responsibility of the holder, UrBox does not take responsibility for Vouchers that are lost or mislaid, protect them as you would cash.UrBox do not warrant that the quality of any products, services, information, or that any subsequent disputes between customer and 37th Street.UrBox reserves the right to alter, change and/or add to the terms and conditions of this Voucher at any time without notifying the voucher holder.If you have any further questions about UrBox Voucher, please contact us on Hotline: 1900 299 232 (from 8:00 to 22:00 every day, including holidays)